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A four year age difference…7 months in

I’ve recently had a few people ask me what it’s like having little ones that are 4 years apart. And while I touched on the subject early on {here, here and here}, I figured now that we’re 7 months in and Reese is much less blob-like these days, I’d give more of an “official” real-life review.

My girls are 4 years and 2 months apart. Obviously I have nothing to compare this age gap to, but I will tell you, so far I am SO happy it worked out this way.

Lets start with the obvious…not having two kids in diapers is so amazingly awesome.

For the most part, Rylee has outgrown the resentment she had toward me at the very beginning. Every once in a while it’ll rear it’s ugly head, but for by and large, it’s smooth sailing and seriously? I couldn’t be happier about this, because that stage was just flat out hard and it actually kind of hurt my feelings.

Even though we try not to abuse this, it’s so nice having a kiddo that can help with things from time to time. Stuck in a chair nursing? Hey Ry, can you go get me a clean burp rag? Cooking dinner and the baby is fussing? Ry, can you please get your sister her binkie? Have to run to the other room for a second to take your jewelry off before your curious baby rips it off? Ry, can you keep an eye on your sis real quick while I run to the other room? “Okay mama!” A few minutes later…”Moooom, Reesie is headed for Dante’s water bowl!”

I love how much rylee wants to help out. And we try to accommodate as often as possible, but Sometimes the constant wanting to help can be annoying. Like, automatically add in and extra 10-15 minutes no matter what the task is. And sometimes, if its just not feasible for her to help out, or if I just don’t have the patience, Rylee’s feelings can get a bit hurt.

I’ve already mentioned the girls adore each other, which is great, but I say “Rylee get out of your sister’s face!” more times than I can count. If I had a dollar for every time I said that, I’d easily be a thousandaire right now. I’m sure she’ll get it…eventually. Hopefully before Reese is old enough to shove Ry out of her face on her own.

The toys can be an issue. Number one, 4 year olds have tiny toys. For example Rylee is into Legos. And not the big, toddler kind. The real, little, step on one in a dark room and you’ll jump to the ceiling kind. Talk about choking hazards! We’re in full on toy segregations & baby gate mode right now. Then there’s the issue of Reese’s toys…anytime Reese gets a new toy or we take a toy out of storage for her, Rylee is all up in its business. For now, Reese doesn’t care. Heck, it’s even kind of nice because Rylee can show Reese how to use it, but I definitely see this becoming an issue in the future.

Reese is currently in the “easily distractable” stage of nursing. Which can be annoying when your busy little four year old is jumping and dancing around. But, Ry is also old enough to understand when I tell her I’m going to feed Reese in her room and she needs to play in her room or watch a movie or whatever.

I suppose we can’t leave out the fact that Reese has watched more tv in her short 7 months on earth than Rylee did her entire first two years. Oops.

Even 4 years apart the girls are close. No one can make Reese laugh like Rylee can. Reese hears Ry’s voice and looks for her instantly. If Ry is having a rough afternoon, Reese is always there to try and make her smile. These girls are as thick as thieves and watching them together seriously makes my heart melt.


So, yea…kind of all over the place, but long story short? A 4 year age difference is great. The minor “annoyances” are far, FAR outweighed by the awesomeness of watching them together.

Now…ask me again in another 6 months to a year when Reese can run around and steal toys. Ha.



I spent last weekend, through Monday, in San Francisco for a tradeshow. If just so happens my sister lives there so I got to spend some time with her as well. More on that later, though. I ended picking up a bug while I was down there and now? I feel like a steaming pile of poo. Hence the lack of blogging this week.

But, that’s not actually why this post title is poo.

Last week we started Reese on solids. Anyone that’s ever introduced a baby to solid foods knows that there’s quickly a drastic change in the #2 department.

So last night we’re all sitting at the table for dinner and Reese starts…ummm…filling her drawers. She was making hilarious faces, so I kind of giggled and said, “Looks like Reesie is filling her drawers.”

Ry, without looking at her sister, looked at me and said “how do you even know that!?”

I said, “I can tell by the faces she’s making.”

Rylee looked over at her sister who was still doing her thing, and without skipping a beat says, “whoa Reese, you look angry!

Andy & I then preceded to erupt in laughter while both girls looked at us like we were crazy.

Rereading this now, it really doesn’t seem all that funny I guess…but it was. I swear it was.

I’m officially not allowing myself to post again until I feel better, because that whole thing was just kind of a hot mess that sounded a whole lot better in my head than it does typed out. Whatever. I’m sick.

And thus concludes today’s poop post.

Oooh Life

I almost started out this post by saying that this last weekend was just what I needed. Then I remembered that’s pretty much how I started my post about my New Year’s weekend. Is it really possible to have two weekends in a row that are that good? Am I tempting fate by putting that out in the internet-world? Does that mean that this weekend will just downright suck? Perhaps.

This weekend we tackled part of our new year’s resolution of revamping our laundry room/pantry space. Then that morphed into tackling Ry’s closet and our office/play room the next day. We also hit up costco. Andy went shooting with a buddy. And the girls and I spent some much needed time playing outside. In the SUN! Slowly but surely our house is getting into order. I sense this weekend will be another busy one with organizing and purging. I need to finish the office area. We’re getting rid of the GIANT desk that is used for nothing more than to stack papers on top of. I seriously can’t wait!

I’m eyeball deep in tradeshow prep at work. This is our first major tradeshow as a company so this week/two beforehand is extra important for me and my Type-A self. So, please excuse the photo dump…that’s pretty much all I’ve got the time for at the moment. One day I may return to some sort of real blogging.

Someone has been practicing her sitting up skills…she was doing pretty well on Saturday and was making herself belly laugh every time she realized she was sitting on her own.


Rylee was super into the shelving project. The checker at the home improvement store let her scan everything with the handheld scanner. Then she helped Andy with all the leveling and stud finding…legit doing it by herself. Andy was having a blast doing the project with her. It was the sweetest thing to sit back and watch.


Safety first, friends!


The mostly finished product! Horray for smarter use of space! {Boo for how much that shelving stuff costs! Holy crap}


Her closet has been like straight out of the movies, if you open it you’re not sure if you’ll be taken out by a toy avalanche. Don’t tell Rylee, but while she wasn’t looking I started throwing stuff away.


Go ahead and file this under heart-melting moments. Rylee is such an amazing big sister. Seriously almost makes me cry. {Side note: WHEN DID I BECOME SUCH A SAP!?!?}


Our front yard. Amazing day.


MUD PIES! What’s hilarious is how Ry is still, 3 days later, so shocked I let her play in the mud. What she doesn’t realize is that this was so me when I was her age. I LOVED playing in the mud when I was little. She was building a robin’s nest, by the way.


I think we’re finally starting to get the hang of the work/fun balance thing. At least I hope we are.

Our little family of four is settling quite nicely into itself. I love them. So much.

I just…yea…

I don’t even know. I feel so out of it this week. Like…how is it already Friday but then again, holy crap, thank goodness it’s finally Friday.

Work has been kinda hectic, I guess, but really nothing out of the ordinary.

“home life” has been relatively easy this week…Andy had Monday off work. Tuesday he was home before the girls & I were. Wednesday was totally normal. And yesterday, while we didn’t get home until later than normal, it really was no big thing because we were just hanging out at my mom’s house after she cooked us a pre-Thanksgiving Turkey dinner.

So…what gives, right!?

I wish I knew.

I just want to take a nap. Or sleep in past 5:30 AM. Or both.

Yep, I’m hoping that both of those things happen tomorrow.

I’ve had a dull, achy headache for the last three days. I swear, I am physically incapable of getting to work on time on Fridays.

I feel like I’m in a haze today.

Basically? I’m a hot mess.

A hot mess that needs a nap.

BUT…I have two cute girls that are pretty good at putting a smile on my face. So I looked through the pictures on my phone…

Bathtime Reese. Her smile seriously makes me gush.


Rylee is obsessed with her new pink, sparkly shoes. 100 Mommy points for me. {Thank you Zulily for the $7 shoes}


Sister love.


Ry is becoming quite the photographer on my phone. Naptime courtesy of last weekend. It’s a thing in my house.


I mean…come.on.


I created a monster with this…now she ALWAYS wants to be carried on my back.



Sisters much?


Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. This week has felt crazier than normal. I also feel like I’ve been saying that a lot.

This year, November means two things.

1. I have a 4 1/2 year old. FOUR AND A HALF!

2. I have a 4 month old.

How the deuce does this keep happening!?

A couple of days ago I got lost down the rabbit hole of looking at baby pictures of my girls. Seriously, I could do it for hours and hours. Since the day Reese was born nearly every single person has commented on how much the girls look alike. I definitely agree and I thought it’d be fun to do a little side-by-side comparison of the two.

This one is 6 weeks. Ry on top, Reese on bottom.

Both girls, 6-ish weeks. Ry on top (photo done by Bliss Studio).

Both girls about 7 weeks. Ry on top.

Both girls about 8 weeks. Ry on the left.

And two of my all-time favorites of my girls. Both about 3 months. Ry on the left.

Holy crap we make cute babies, ammiright!?

I’m excited to watch them grow up and see how much they look alike when they get older. When I was pregnant with Reese, I really hoped they’d look alike because that is one of my favorite  things about my sisters and me. People have asked us before if we’re triplets.

On a completely unrelated note, yesterday was November 1 and the kick-off to my personal “style challenge”. We’re bringing back Working with Style over on Liberating Working Moms so I thought it’d be fun to try and do a month of no outfit repeats and document it. Repeating pieces is ok, just no direct outfit repeats. Want to play along?? I’ll be snapping pics and sharing them on instagram with the #officefashionshow hashtag.

On another, completely unrelated note, tomorrow Lindsey & I are headed up to Portland for the PNW Blogger Holiday Party! I’m looking forward to some fun with some awesome ladies, some good food, DRINKS and also? Sleeping in past 6:30 AM. It’s making me want to do high kicks and chair dancing just thinking about it!!

Have a good weekend everyone!