Another Quickie

by katherine on October 8, 2012

Mind out of the gutter people! I’m only in the office 3 days this week so my to-do list is packed. Andy was working down at the rental pretty much all weekend {new renters moving in this weekend! yay?} so it was just the girls and me for the majority of the time. Which, by […]


Life Lessons & Family Rules

by katherine on September 30, 2012

Girls, Turns out, while this blog isn’t about writing you letters, I kinda like it. I’ve found that taking the time to write my words specifically to you, helps me collect my thoughts better and shows that I feel like what I’m saying here is important so I want you to listen up. While I […]


Outtakes from a fake photo shoot

by katherine on September 19, 2012

So, basically…I’m dumb. I thought, hey, I’ve got one of these fancy cameras, I think I’ll try and use it! Pffft…that was my first mistake. My second mistake? My subjects…a newborn, a 4 year old and a dog. Laughable. While I did get 1 or 2 “keepers” I got more that were just plain funny […]


10-minute update

by katherine on September 13, 2012

I just thought “Hey, what a great post title…I could totally make this a thing!” then I remembered how {not so} awesome I’ve been at blogging lately and promptly threw the idea out the window. But really, I have 10 minutes at my laptop, with no kids to give you an update. While my phone […]


For my girls, for now and for future reference

by katherine on September 9, 2012

In about ten or so years, you may read this and roll your eyes and think “yea right, Mom”. And that’s ok, you two won’t always get along. It happens. But in another ten or so years after that, you’ll be sitting together, drinking some wine, read this and you’ll give each other a knowing […]


Life via iPhone

by katherine on August 27, 2012

Apparently I never mastered the whole “blogging while on maternity leave” thing. I’d either feel bad I was ignoring Rylee or Andy or it’d be nap time for the girls and I’d either catch a few Zzz’s myself or look around at my disaster of a house a feel the sudden urge to scrub all […]

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Why yes, our 4 year old did name our baby.

by katherine on August 14, 2012

I talked a little bit about our baby name struggles here a while back. We struggled. A lot. And by we, I mean me. Completely. Andy & I had talked about Reese Kallen as being “THE” name for a while. But I wasn’t quite convinced. I’d loved the name Reese for a long, long time. […]


Wordless Wednesday: Rylee’s First Look

by katherine on August 8, 2012

First of all…how is it already Wednesday!? Second of all…these last couple of days have been rough to say the least. Little miss must be hitting her first growth spurt because holy-eating-on-the-hour batman. Third of all…how is it already Wednesday!? I had big plans to write out Reese’s birth story, but well, see above. Instead, […]


Life. Lately.

by katherine on July 25, 2012

I’m sitting here with the sounds of Sid the Science Kid and the steady drone of the baby swing in the background. I’ve got a snuggly 4 year old keeping my left side warm. A towel that’s been wrapped in my hair for about an hour too long. And a heart that is overflowing. These […]


So the other night, Andy randomly said to me, “You know you’re the one talking to the kid about breastfeeding, right?” Of course, I nonchalantly replied, “of course…” When in actuality, in my head I was thinking, “Oh SHIT, you’re right! How did I not think about this before!?” Rylee is at that stage where […]