Just solidifying my old lady status

by katherine on March 25, 2013

Holy crap I’m exhausted today. As Brandy would say, “I mommed the shit out of this weekend.” See? Even wore a total mom outfit…cardi, skinnies & ballet flats. Andy was busy working outside all weekend {springtime in the country, it’s a beautiful thing.} hauling firewood, working on the tractor and just generally doing some spring […]


Hanging out at Jenni’s place today!

by katherine on November 8, 2012

Today I’m over on Jenni’s Blog talking about my breast feeding experiences! I first met Jenni in June at the Spring PNW Blogger Meet-up. She may be one of the friendliest people on the planet. And also? Maybe a tad bit crazy. She runs like 4 different websites, plans events and oh yea, she’s a […]

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Here & There: PDX Momma

by katherine on January 11, 2012

Today while I’m working my butt off at a tradeshow (1 more day!!), I’m also over at Jenn’s place taking part in her Woring Momma Guest Series! I’m talking about our day-to-day, my current struggle as a working mom, best & worst parts of being a working mom and all that good stuff. {I may […]


If I only knew what I was in for…

by katherine on July 20, 2011

Hey Friends! I wasn’t blogging back when I was pregnant with Rylee or you probably would have read something like this already. If you recall, I’m married to a very, very hardworking teacher. Most of the time this is a good thing…Summers off, 2 weeks at Christmas, it’s a mostly fulfilling job. All in all, […]


A Cute Photo and BIG News!

by katherine on April 12, 2011

NO…the big news is not that I’m pregnant! The big news is that today I am guest posting over on Brandee’s blog, Chill Mama Chill! She’s a first time mama who, after a whole year of maternity leave, is back at work. To help make her life a little easier during this transition, she’s letting […]


When our little niece was about 6 months old, my sister in law started teaching her baby sign language. “That’s kinda cool” I thought and tucked away in my wee brain for future reference. Fast forward 2 years later and I have my own little 6 month old. I proudly announced to Andy that I […]


Meet Tiffany. Balancing two kids, two dogs, a rock-star job, a new home, a kick-ace blog and PTSD. And doing it pretty damn well if you ask the chick living across the US who actually only knows based on what Tiffany posts on her blog. Oh yea, she also has a husband she’s trying not […]


Out of the Office Week: First Night Away

by katherine on July 27, 2010

Our first guest post comes to you from Krista over at Not Mommy of the Year. As she puts it…”You know that woman who always has her shit together? The one that effortlessly pulls together a stylish look in 20 minutes, has time to hit the gym, laughs on her cell phone as she waltzes […]