Letter to my girls


by katherine on October 22, 2013

Where do I begin…5 is simultaneously blowing my mind and making me want to cry. Five is full of big, huge monumental things…not only for the little 5 year old, but also the parents. Five brings kindergarten. And new friends. And packing a lunch every day. Five brings out the wacky and the sweet. Five […]


When no one is watching…

by katherine on September 27, 2013

Miss Rylee, There are moments as a parent that will stop you in your tracks. Last weekend was one of those moments for me. Ten, twenty, even thirty years from now you may not remember that day, but I will. Your dad, sister, you and I piled in the car and headed over to Bend […]



by katherine on July 19, 2013

My Sweet Reesie-Bug…today you are one year old. One. ONE. 1. If you can’t tell, I’m still in disbelief. This last year has flown faster than any year in my life. And even though I’d like to ignore the fact that your birthday means you are that much closer to no longer being a baby, […]


5 is Magic

by katherine on June 7, 2013

Miss Rylee Vivian…five is your jam. Maybe it was buckling you in to your booster seat for the first time yesterday. Or maybe it was your kindergarten round up. I was just thinking the other day how in just a couple of weeks since your birthday you’ve seemed to grow up and mature so much. […]


6 month mushiness

by katherine on January 14, 2013

Reesie-Girl, Today, I felt like I didn’t get nearly enough awake time with you and as I sit here in your dimly lit bedroom, looking down at you sleeping in my arms, I am overwhelmed with love. I say it a lot but where does the time go. I desperately want time to slow down, […]


4 point 5 and 4 months

by katherine on November 20, 2012

Girls…my sweet girls. Please do your mama a favor. Just stop. Please stop growing. My mama heart can’t take it. Rylee…you are so excited to be 4 and a half that you’re telling just about everyone you come in contact with. You even wondered why we didn’t throw a party to celebrate. The other night […]


Life Lesson #472

by katherine on October 26, 2012

Girls, Look, there’s things in life that school and books won’t teach you. And common sense just really isn’t all that common anymore. Lucky for you? I’ve lived through a lot of those “things” and I’m here to share my wisdom with you. What can I say? I’m a giver. {Plus, I carried you in […]


Life Lessons & Family Rules

by katherine on September 30, 2012

Girls, Turns out, while this blog isn’t about writing you letters, I kinda like it. I’ve found that taking the time to write my words specifically to you, helps me collect my thoughts better and shows that I feel like what I’m saying here is important so I want you to listen up. While I […]


For my girls, for now and for future reference

by katherine on September 9, 2012

In about ten or so years, you may read this and roll your eyes and think “yea right, Mom”. And that’s ok, you two won’t always get along. It happens. But in another ten or so years after that, you’ll be sitting together, drinking some wine, read this and you’ll give each other a knowing […]


Looking Ahead to Your Teenage Years {Halloween}

by katherine on November 3, 2011

Dear Rylee, We had so much fun the other night. It was so amazing to watch you be so brave and walk up the steps of those houses that were dimly lit with eerie music playing. You have grown so much since last year yet; you are still filled with the wonder of it all […]