Reese Said What!? – Stinky Linky Edition

by katherine on August 19, 2016

On our road trip last week, I turned around to the back seat to take off Lincoln’s sandals for the next stretch of road. I had no idea he had such stinky feet! The second I removed the sandals the car filled with smelly-boy-feet-stink. Andy and I looked at each other, kinda laughing he rolled down […]


Reese Said What!? – 4 year old edition

by katherine on July 20, 2016

Yesterday Reese turned 4. Hard to believe, but I guess that’s how time and math work. We had a pretty low key day because I had a softball game that night so her family party is tomorrow night. The first thing she said when she woke up yesterday was, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAAAYYYY!” {Seriously, how a […]


21 Months x3

by katherine on June 29, 2016

Every once in a while I crack open my laptop and go through old photos. Last weekend I used my real camera to snap a few pics of the kiddos playing in the sprinkler. When I uploaded them it sent me down a rabbit hole. I did a little math to figure out Lincoln is […]


Reese Said What!? – Boss Lady Edition

by katherine on June 28, 2016

Overall, working from home has been, and is, amazing. It’s perfect for where our family is in life right now. The kids all still go to daycare during the week, but on Fridays (and in summer) they’re home with Andy. That usually means I’m working from my office set-up with the door shut. The kids […]


Fashion Police Friday – Regular Day Edition

by katherine on June 3, 2016

Reese is super into skirts and dresses. I remember Rylee going through this stage around the same age too. But Reese is also obsessed with long sleeve shirts… as in, that’s all she ever wants to wear. Even when it’s WAY too hot for them. Anyway, this particular day was nothing special. Just a regular […]

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Reese Said What? – Bath Time Edition

by katherine on May 23, 2016

Scene: Standing next to the bathtub, waiting for the water to warm up so she can take a bath. Reese: ::while holding up her arm:: “Mom, you want to smell my armpit?” Me: “Nope” Reese: ::Tries to smell it herself:: Me: “How does it smell?” Reese: “Pretty good.” ::pauses…:: “want to smell it now?” Me: […]


Fashion Police Friday – 5.13.16

by katherine on May 17, 2016

Oh my sweet, sweet Reesie Bug! You guys remember that little weekly installment I used to do called “Friday Fashion Police” where I would highlight one of Rylee’s AWESOME outfits from the week? Well my friends, Reese is prime age for picking out her own outfits and figuring out her unique style. I hadn’t been […]


Back to School

by katherine on September 2, 2014

Today was officially back to school day in our house. Rylee heading to first grade. Full day! and Reese heading back to daycare, only this year she will be full time in the two year old class. Rylee was a nervous/excited hybrid for her first day of first grade. Last week I took her in […]


My grossest parenting moment yet

by katherine on June 25, 2014

I officially had my grossest parenting moment a few weeks ago. One of those so gross you can’t believe this is real life/can’t help but laugh kind of moments. Scene: watching Rylee’s TBall game, sitting in the grass eating Subway for dinner. Keep in mind Reese has been potty training. Overall she does pretty well. So […]


A 21 month update

by katherine on April 23, 2014

Is that a thing? Eh whatever, considering my lack of consistent blogging these days I’ll go ahead and make it a thing. Reese, you turned 21 months last weekend. You have been changing and growing so much recently that I wanted to take a minute to document it before I forget it. Food: You still […]