Six Whole Years

by katherine on June 2, 2014

I swear I didn’t forget about my kid’s birthday this year. Life has just been hectic and such. Her birthday came and went like a blur. We had our first ever not-at-home party and it was pretty great. We did a bowling party, complete with little plastic bowling trophies for each of the 9 kiddos. […]



by katherine on November 16, 2013

It’s Saturday. I’ve essentially been up since 4 AM, courtesy of a rotten little toddler who amazingly has hardly napped also. Ry is staying the night with my sister for the first time. I’ve got loaded twice baked potatoes and Caesar salad on the menu for dinner and we’ve got popcorn and a movie for […]


Rylee’s 5 Year Interview

by katherine on May 21, 2013

Well here it is! LIfe has been so crazy that I wasn’t able to get started on the project as early as I would have liked, but I like the way it turned out. She seriously cracks me up. My personal favorites are her answers to what she wants to be when she grows up […]

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Clicking for Good

by katherine on June 5, 2012

Have you heard about Toyota’s 100 cars for good? Basically, Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program is this: “a Facebook-enabled philanthropy initiative whereby Toyota will give away 100 cars in 100 days to 100 eligible nonprofit charitable organizations.Each day for 100 days, online voters will choose which of five nonprofits will take home a new […]


4 Years. Her Interview.

by katherine on May 21, 2012

Four years old…what a trip. And what a weekend! I am so exhausted today and my feet hurt so bad from “running” all weekend I’m breaking my own “never wear Birkenstocks when it’s raining” rule and wearing them. And my feet are thanking me for it. I took Friday off of work to spend with […]


You say po-tay-toe, I say po-tah-toe

by katherine on November 8, 2011

Wait, does anyone actually say it “po-tah-toe” or is that just for the sake of the song? {P.S. I know how to spell potato} Ok, so moving on. I thought about starting this out by saying “Oh I can’t believe I am putting this on the internet for the world to see” then I remembered […]


Fashion Police Friday – Video Edition

by katherine on August 12, 2011

WHAT IS THIS!? A video Friday Fashion Police!? I know folks…we’re gettin’ crazy around here. We’ll say this is an extra special FPF for my birthday. Yea…that sounds good. Oh my…My Child? Well, this girl has some mooooves…or something. Outfit:Butterfly Shirt: Old NavyColorful-Flowered Shorts: TargetDance Moves: All her own


And I have a phone message for you…

by katherine on July 28, 2011

I can’t help but laugh a little bit every time I watch this. I think we have a future Ms. Corporate America on our hands. Do you think they’ll let her take her blanket into board meetings?


It’s Story Time

by katherine on June 10, 2011

Rylee has always loved books. We’ve been reading her books for so long that she has some of them memorized and lately, she’s been reading to us! Sweetest thing ever… And again..if you wouldn’t mind…can you spare 2 clicks for me? Just click this banner below. Then it will take you to a landing page. […]


You guys? There’s a reason we’ve been calling Rylee “Monster” since she was just a wee baby. When she was just about a year old, I came home from work one day to find Andy spent all day teaching Rylee the now infamous “Who’s the Monster!?” party trick. We got mixed reactions with that one…most […]

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