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Reese Said What? – FaceTime Edition

I’ve been in Ft. Worth for work over this weekend and was able to FaceTime with the girls Saturday night when they were spending the night at my sister’s house. 

Me: “you being good for auntie?”

Reese: “yep.”

Me: “what’s your sister doing?”

Reese: “Ry, come here! I’m facing time mom!”

Facing time. I’m still laughing about it. Love that girl. 

Working with style – Owning the Awkward

20130118-104919.jpgRight now I’m in sunny {read: sunnier than Oregon, at least} San Francisco working a tradeshow and hanging out with my sister.

Today I’m also hosting the working with style linkup over on Liberating Working Moms.

And in true Kat style, I’m hamming it up. Owning the awkward that comes when you take photos outside of a restaurant on one of the busiest roads in town, during the lunch hour. It’s a gift I have, really. And if you know me, then you know that some things never change, my friends.

Feel free to click through, check it out, and heck, even link up with me!!

Happy Monday, Friends!

All sorts of things to update

So while I’ve already posted twice this week (here & here) I feel like I owe you an update.

We had some major stuffs going on the our household over the long weekend!!

First of all…the main reason for the long weekend. Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving was nice, but kind of weird. We spent the day at Andy’s parents’ house. Not out of the ordinary, but this was the first year, um ever, that we didn’t go to at least 2 places. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom & brother the week before. My dad was out of town. And neither of my sisters came to town. So yea, in 11+ years of being a couple, we went to one place on a major holiday. Weird.

Rylee has started choosing her own outfits again. This beauty was what she wanted to wear on Thanksgiving. The original outfit did not include the long sleeve top. Brrr. But, what’s even crazier? The straight hair! AHHH! She saw me fixing my hair for the day and asked if I’d straighten hers. I indulged her, then instantly regretted it because holy teenager! I was not ready for that.


There were plenty of snuggle naps over the long weekend. Watching this guy with our girls just melts my heart.


The other night Ry asked Andy to draw her a picture. So he drew the one on the left. {apparently I felt the need to clarify that} She was so, SO proud of that picture that the next day she took it with her to school to show her teachers and friends. Then that night she drew one of her own for him to take to work. I mean…really…I just can’t even.


And then there’s this one…this girl. Oh my. This is my new favorite photo of her. This was taken just before we headed into the doctor’s office for the 4-month check-up. She’s weighing in at 14 lbs, 12 ounces (70th percentile) and 25″ long (75th percentile). The shots seemed to affect her more this time than the last time and we spent that night sleeping together on the couch. Last night was better, but she still wasn’t her self. I hate seeing my babies in pain & not feeling quite right and not being able to help them.


And oh yea…almost forgot. We bought a new car on Sunday! And not just “new to us” but brand! spanking! new! It’s our very first brand new car ever for both of us. It’s also the first car payment we’ve had in over 7 years. Ugh. But a new vehicle was, if you ask me, long overdue. It’s a 2013 Toyota Venza and after Andy drove it to work yesterday, he said “I now understand why people get brand new cars every few years. Wow.”  I’ll share more later but for now, I’ll just leave you with this little teaser…