mcfatty monday


by katherine on October 20, 2012

Tall non-fat Caramel Latte: $3.15 Wireless Mouse: $13.99 Sitting in the Target Starbucks, meeting with a personal trainer about redesigning her website while wearing a pair of unbottoned, too tight pants because the only ones you have that fit are dirty? PRICELESS. In related news? I’m going to start working out again next week. Happy […]


Step One

by katherine on October 9, 2012

You cut a hole in the box. Step two. You put y–kidding. KIDDING Funny though, right? I’m on a roll this week with innuendo titles. Anyway. Let’s talk about losing baby weight. Superfuntopic…not. I’ll be real with you. I gained 35 pounds while I was pregnant with Reese.  And for the longest time after having […]


That felt good.

by katherine on October 10, 2011

I’ve been threatening to do it for weeks now… My bag had been in and out of my car multiple times. Rylee constantly grilling me about what that big yellow bag was for. There were always reasons I couldn’t go. After just feeling…blech lately, I decided no more excuses. I put the bag back in […]


4th O July Recap

by katherine on July 7, 2011

I know I’m a few days late here folks but I’ve been enjoying these last two days off. Soaking up all the sunshine and family time I can get. Do you blame me? I didn’t think so. Moving right along… Our 4th of July was nothing short of perfect. Well, as perfect as it can […]

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An Easter Win and an Easter Fail

by katherine on April 25, 2011

Ok, so I have a dilema. Andy spoils me at Christmas and buys me a great new camera and during the “important” times like holidays, parties and such, I never take photos. I know it’s because I am busy prepping food and what not, but really? I should totally be able to be in two […]

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Nobody likes a droopy butt.

by katherine on March 28, 2011

I know I haven’t done any sort of mcfatty update in quite some time, but I assure you, I’ve been keeping at it. There have been ups–like doing “Oga” with Rylee a few nights a week, like being told my the yoga instructor at my gym that I have beautiful yoga form, like cutting way, […]


The Right Kind of Hurt

by katherine on February 7, 2011

I think I found my groove. Last week was great. My pants? I actually put them all in the dryer over the weekend in hopes to shrink them a bit. Pretty soon, I may be able to bust out the pants I’ve got stowed away in the next size down. I can tell I’m getting […]


Here’s to a new week!

by katherine on January 31, 2011

Well, I forgot to weigh myself at the gym last Friday, so I have no “weight update”. What I do have is an “I ate well all week and I worked out really hard on Tuesday could hardly walk for the next two, rocked it at the gym on Friday then ate like crap all […]


Meet Virginia.

by katherine on January 24, 2011

Not just the name of a catchy song by Train. Meet Virginia. My great aunt. My Grandma’s sister. {I think.} Also? Meet her big butt. It’s a family legend. Really. I don’t know that I ever actually met Virginia myself, but I know all about her butt. It was big. Ok, that might be all […]