On the reality of parenting

by katherine on August 8, 2013

The other day, I read the article that’s sweeping social media called “The Day I stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up’“. To be honest, I found myself scrolling through the article, skipping large chunks thinking “Hurry Up and get to the point…” Look, I get it. I totally do. It’s meant to be a “stop and smell […]


Just solidifying my old lady status

by katherine on March 25, 2013

Holy crap I’m exhausted today. As Brandy would say, “I mommed the shit out of this weekend.” See? Even wore a total mom outfit…cardi, skinnies & ballet flats. Andy was busy working outside all weekend {springtime in the country, it’s a beautiful thing.} hauling firewood, working on the tractor and just generally doing some spring […]


So, as part of my deal with partnering with Toyota and their TWIN project, we were asked to go check out The Camry Effect. I started checking out the site, watched the video and immediately thought what a fantastic marketing campaign it was. I mean, even though I’ve never owned a Camry, I have so […]



by katherine on September 13, 2011

Ten. Ten years, to be exact. One decade. More than a third of my life. On this day, ten years ago, Andy and I decided to “make it official”. And we’ve never looked back. Who knew what started as nothing more than a family friend showing me around our local community college campus would grow […]

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Dead From Cute. The End.

by katherine on May 19, 2011

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Oh Hello Spring!

by katherine on March 23, 2011

Yesterday? Well, yesterday was one of the very best days ever. Period. First of all…it was Tuesday. And Tuesdays have been long known as my very favorite day of the week. Mostly because it’s Taco Tuesday in our house and NCIS night! Last night though? Woah. I ended the evening feeling incredibly blessed. I left […]

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When you miss a friend…

by katherine on March 13, 2011

You look at all the pictures you have from the last time you played together! Rylee was supposed to have a playdate last weekend with her best buddy Kian, but ended up getting sick. We both agree it’s been far to long since we’ve seen Kian and his family. Until we’re all better, these photos […]


2010: Year of the…Tiger?

by katherine on January 1, 2011

According to China, it’s the year of the tiger. For us, it’s more like “2010: Year of the Rice Family Roller Coaster”. Happy New Year’s Eve ya’all. It’s 10:00 PM Pacific time and I’m ringing in the new year sitting on my couch, with my teeth brushed, face washed, sporting my flannel pj pants and […]


A little Mother’s Day tribute

by katherine on May 7, 2010

Growing up, I used to be jealous of all my friends who had great relationships with their moms. Why didn’t my mom and I go shopping together? Why couldn’t I share secrets with my mom and tell her everything? For whatever reason (likely my sass-talking, eye rolling, arm crossing ways), it never happened. There was even […]


A Reflection on Marriage…

by katherine on April 29, 2010

I was recently asked by a high schooler from our church if Andy and I (mostly me) would be willing to do a marriage interview for one of her classes. I said sure, of course, without even mentioning it to Andy. She sent me the list of questions and as I was scrolling through them, […]