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The State of the State

by katherine on October 9, 2013

Within the last 20 minutes, I just finished up my first post car accident 90-minute massage. I’ve got a little bit of time before I need to go get the girls, but not enough time to head back to the office so I’ve found myself sitting in Starbucks sipping on my beloved iced coffee and […]

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This weekend rocked so hard.

by katherine on March 11, 2013

Oh man, last week drained me. I was ready for the weekend. And the weekend? Did not disappoint. Saturday morning was pretty laid back…Andy worked outside for a bit while I hung out with the girls. While Reese napped Rylee & I had a tea part picnic then packed up a real picnic lunch. The […]

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On the mend?

by katherine on January 31, 2013

Believe me when I tell you that I’m knocking on wood as I say type this…I think we are finally on the mend. Last week I caught what was going around the office and was down and out through the weekend. Rylee ended up with some version of whatever it was I was fighting on […]

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Another Quickie

by katherine on October 8, 2012

Mind out of the gutter people! I’m only in the office 3 days this week so my to-do list is packed. Andy was working down at the rental pretty much all weekend {new renters moving in this weekend! yay?} so it was just the girls and me for the majority of the time. Which, by […]


Rylee Get your Gun!

by katherine on July 9, 2012

For Rylee’s first birthday, we bought her a pink single shot .22 rifle. {While it may seem a little extreme that that was her 1st birthday gift, I assure you the only reason it happened was because the company I worked for at the time was owned by a gun manufacturer and I got a […]


More of the Lately’s…

by katherine on January 27, 2012

It’s been another whirlwind of a week and so for this Friday I leave you with a bulleted list of “lately”… Earlier this week I wrote a post about one of our cars and dreaming of getting a new one. Then last night? Andy hit a deer with the Buick on his way home from […]


Happy New Year!

by katherine on January 5, 2012

Oh, yes, I’m fully aware I’m about 5 days late on this post, but well…I’ve had other things going on. Besides baking a baby that has me wanting to go to bed at 7:30 every night, work has been particularly busy these last couple of weeks, as I prep for product launch and tradeshows. Insanity […]


The cutest wicked witch you ever did see.

by katherine on November 1, 2011

When all the other little girls are fairy princesses, kitty-cats and other pink fro-froo things, there’s my girl in all black, dressed as a witch. She decided all on her own that she wanted to be a witch for Halloween. Where that request came from is still a mystery to me, but my girl owned […]


This NEVER Happens…

by katherine on October 13, 2011

Seriously…this has never happened. Quick back story: on the way to take Ry to school yesterday, she asked if we could go play at a park after I picked her up that night. I told her we’d see how the weather was and then decide. Now, moving on… Andy was at a Suicide Training Seminar […]



by katherine on September 13, 2011

Ten. Ten years, to be exact. One decade. More than a third of my life. On this day, ten years ago, Andy and I decided to “make it official”. And we’ve never looked back. Who knew what started as nothing more than a family friend showing me around our local community college campus would grow […]

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