I just…yea…

I don’t even know. I feel so out of it this week. Like…how is it already Friday but then again, holy crap, thank goodness it’s finally Friday.

Work has been kinda hectic, I guess, but really nothing out of the ordinary.

“home life” has been relatively easy this week…Andy had Monday off work. Tuesday he was home before the girls & I were. Wednesday was totally normal. And yesterday, while we didn’t get home until later than normal, it really was no big thing because we were just hanging out at my mom’s house after she cooked us a pre-Thanksgiving Turkey dinner.

So…what gives, right!?

I wish I knew.

I just want to take a nap. Or sleep in past 5:30 AM. Or both.

Yep, I’m hoping that both of those things happen tomorrow.

I’ve had a dull, achy headache for the last three days. I swear, I am physically incapable of getting to work on time on Fridays.

I feel like I’m in a haze today.

Basically? I’m a hot mess.

A hot mess that needs a nap.

BUT…I have two cute girls that are pretty good at putting a smile on my face. So I looked through the pictures on my phone…

Bathtime Reese. Her smile seriously makes me gush.


Rylee is obsessed with her new pink, sparkly shoes. 100 Mommy points for me. {Thank you Zulily for the $7 shoes}


Sister love.


Ry is becoming quite the photographer on my phone. Naptime courtesy of last weekend. It’s a thing in my house.


I mean…come.on.


I created a monster with this…now she ALWAYS wants to be carried on my back.



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