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Pro Tip on Feeding Babies

by katherine on August 11, 2016

I’ve been texting with some mom-friends this week about the challenges of breastfeeding and pumping and the guilt and resentment and “OH MY GOSH WHY AM I NOT MAKING MORE MILK I AM SO SICK OF THIS” of it all. After 3 kiddos, I’ve been there done that. Ironically enough, world breastfeeding week just wrapped […]


Today is January 2

by katherine on January 2, 2015

Today is January 2nd. Today is my first day back full time from maternity leave. No, I’m not that sad about it. Today is my 1-year work anniversary. Yes, if you’re doing the math right now, I got pregnant literally a week into my new job. Today is my first official day in my new […]

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An urge to write

by katherine on December 5, 2014

Every so often (actually, quite often) I get this urge to write. It could be about a specific story- maybe about one of the kids, maybe not-, about a cool project we’ve been doing around the house, maybe recipe, or like now, just a little update about things and such. Unfortunately, when these impulses arise, […]



by katherine on July 7, 2014

Today is brought to you by the letters TGIM and the number 3. TGIM…as in THANK GOODNESS IT’S MONDAY. Like for reals. This weekend mang. Andy was hard at work on the patio. It’s getting so close! Rylee’s pneumonia relapsed on Thursday so we spent the weekend trying to take it easy. Nope, no fireworks […]


Pregnancy with a Side of Guilt

by katherine on April 22, 2014

Finding out that you are unexpectedly pregnant when you’ve already decided you’re done is markedly different that unexpectedly getting pregnant with your first baby a year ahead of your desired timeline. It does weird things to your psyche. Shouldn’t I be excited? Aren’t all babies supposed to be considered a blessing? Doesn’t this mean it […]


Random Thursday Night Ramblings

by katherine on March 27, 2014

It’s not yet 8:30 and my teeth are brushed, face is washed, my pjs are on and I’m in bed. It’s not that I’m tired and ready for bed. I’m just too tired to do anything productive around the house. Reese is in bed and Andy and Rylee are still at some friends house that […]


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I was afraid this would happen…

by katherine on March 21, 2014

I don’t even know where to start with this. Hai. Hello. Clearly it’s been a while. And you know what? I’m not really that sad about it. Maybe that’s a sign? I don’t know. What I do know is that my new job is pretty dang awesome. I really do love it. But I’m literally […]


World’s Okayest Blogger

by katherine on December 17, 2013

So this one time at band camp I made this crazy commitment to write every single day for an entire month. And then, even on the days that I wanted to quit, figuring no one would even care anyway, I powered through and posted every.single.day. … right up through the 29th. On the 30th, the […]

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Ten Minutes to Blog

by katherine on November 25, 2013

Today was one of those days that wasn’t great. It wasn’t awful, either but definitely bordered on really annoying/frustrating. More things on my to-do list than I can possibly fit in to a shortened work week. I’m still congested from the weekend. Plus I think my sciatic nerve is right on the verge getting pinched […]