For my girls, for now and for future reference

In about ten or so years, you may read this and roll your eyes and think “yea right, Mom”. And that’s ok, you two won’t always get along. It happens.

But in another ten or so years after that, you’ll be sitting together, drinking some wine, read this and you’ll give each other a knowing smile. Because at that point, you two will be the best of friends and you’ll just know that it was like that from day one.

You two amaze me on a daily basis. From the day Reese was born, Rylee you’ve such a proud big sister. You beam with pride whenever someone asks you about your little sister. You would do anything to make her smile. And Reese? At not even 2 months old, it is amazing to me how much you already adore your big sister. You look at Rylee with such awe and wonder.

The other day, I had Reese with me at work for most of the day. Rylee, you had spent the day with Grammy. On the drive from my work to pick you up Reese had had enough and cried the majority of the way. Even walking into Grammy’s house she was still fussy. But Reese, the instant you heard your sister’s voice you stopped fussing. Once I got Reese out of her car seat we sat down in the living room. Ry, you came up next to us and you two did nothing but stare and smile at each other for the next 5 minutes.

This kind of thing happens a lot.

The bond you two share is so strong.

Your love for one another is already immeasurable.

Whether you realize it or not, you two are connected in a way that no one else will ever come close to.

You won’t always get along. Through the years your relationship will wax and wane like the moon. It’s natural and like I said, that’s ok.

But despite your disagreements and through your frustrations and tears, I hope and I pray that you are always the others #1 fan, biggest advocate and always have the others best interest at heart.

Only God knows what your futures hold, but I like to think that no matter what that may be, you two would move mountains to make one another’s dreams come true.

There is something so special about not only being sisters, but best friends. I hope you always know how blessed your two are to have one another.

I am so looking forward to watching you grow together. You two already make me so proud. I can’t tell you how many times I just get lost watching you two together and wonder how I got lucky enough to be your mom. You make my heart smile.

I love you both beyond measure.



6 thoughts on “For my girls, for now and for future reference

  1. Sydney

    Oh, such a sweet post. The last picture of those two is abosolutely adorable. I think you are right, the bond of sisters is priceless. :)

  2. OT and ET

    they're gonna give you hives, two cute headstrong best friends running circles around you and Andy :) they are the sweetest and you are the sweetest mama. i feel so blessed that we know you guys. love you!

  3. mrshiggison

    I love all of this. For reasons most obvious, but also because I don't know what it's like to have a sister so it just makes me so excited to read from that perspective what it looks like to RAISE sisters.
    Thank you:)

  4. Melissa

    This is beautiful! I have a 4 yo daughter and a 7 mo son. They too already have a strong bond. She loves him and not once has ever been jealous. He laughs, smiles, and watches her every move. Just her voice and touch soothes him. I hope that they keep this forever. That one day she screens his girlfriends and he gets rid of unwanted boys in her life. That they are both each others' biggest fans from now to forever.

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