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Fashion Police Friday – Regular Day Edition

by katherine on June 3, 2016

Reese is super into skirts and dresses. I remember Rylee going through this stage around the same age too. But Reese is also obsessed with long sleeve shirts… as in, that’s all she ever wants to wear. Even when it’s WAY too hot for them. Anyway, this particular day was nothing special. Just a regular […]

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Fashion Police Friday – 5.13.16

by katherine on May 17, 2016

Oh my sweet, sweet Reesie Bug! You guys remember that little weekly installment I used to do called “Friday Fashion Police” where I would highlight one of Rylee’s AWESOME outfits from the week? Well my friends, Reese is prime age for picking out her own outfits and figuring out her unique style. I hadn’t been […]


Fashion Police Friday – Video Edition

by katherine on August 12, 2011

WHAT IS THIS!? A video Friday Fashion Police!? I know folks…we’re gettin’ crazy around here. We’ll say this is an extra special FPF for my birthday. Yea…that sounds good. Oh my…My Child? Well, this girl has some mooooves…or something. Outfit:Butterfly Shirt: Old NavyColorful-Flowered Shorts: TargetDance Moves: All her own


Fashion Police Friday – Country Girl Edition

by katherine on August 5, 2011

You guys…I have 3 {yes THREE!} weeks worth of FPF to choose from today! You’re all in for a treat for the rest of this month! First of all, I apologize because these photos are actually horrible but someone was not being very helpful in the stand-still-so-I-can-get-a-decent-photo-of-you department. Gotta love three year olds! This outfit […]


Fashion Police Friday – July 15, 2011

by katherine on July 15, 2011

Oh friends, I do love Summer. Of course for the SUN actually gracing us with its presence and the fresh veggies and all that jazz. But I also love Summer because it means there’s typically good “fashion police” material! Earlier this week it rained. Wha?? In Oregon? In July? Whatever. I was actually kind of […]


Serious Nerd Alert!!

by katherine on May 10, 2011

You guys? Friday night I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. And after I ate as much pizza as I did, it’s a good thing I laughed as hard as I did…you know, extra calorie burning and all. Since my sis from Chicago was in town for the weekend, we had a family dinner at […]


Fashion Police Friday – May 6, 2011

by katherine on May 6, 2011

Oh this made my heart smile and my belly laugh. It’s been a while. But I’m happy to say Rylee had a fantastic outfit choice last weekend and I couldn’t help but get all excited. This outfit was all Ry…head to toe. First, please note the clippie placement on the top of her head. Blue […]

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Not from Yesterday, but Even Better…

by katherine on February 27, 2011

This post could alternately be titles: Self Humiliation. But, one of our family rules is “Laugh Often – especially at yourself”. Also? You’re welcome. Rylee has been super into making “pretty hair” where the word pretty actually means “not at all pretty”. She was doing this to me last night and I happened to post […]

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Fashion Police Friday – January 28, 2011

by katherine on January 28, 2011

Ahhh, fashion police. There really hasn’t been much to show lately. Pretty much my fault because now that Rylee has grown out of all her hand-me-downs, I have bought most of her clothes and there’s not a whole lot of crazy combos she can come up with. But, she did find this one last Friday. […]


Fashion Police Friday – November 12, 2010

by katherine on November 12, 2010

This one may just be the worst yet… It’s been a while since I’ve had any good Fashion Police material. Wow, this week, Ry had a doozy. Cream Tights Black & Orange Halloween Skirt (she wore this on Nov 10!) Purple Long Sleeve Tee Blue Poppy Clip from UffDa! Individually, all super cute pieces. Put […]