Here’s the thing about life…it seems to go about 100 miles an hour and in as many different directions.

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I’m Katherine, the over-sharer behind this blog. A lot of people call me Kat. Some people even call me SuperKat. [No I’m not kidding. Yes I even have a cape.] I like to consider myself the World’s Okayest Mom. [Read a post or two, you’ll get the idea.] I’m an obsessive list-maker and self-proclaimed coffee addict.

I’m married to a guy named Andy who works way too hard and happens to have the patience of a saint. Not kidding. The man is a better mom than I am.

There’s Rylee, our red-headed country girl that has a the most thoughtful, tender heart of any kid I know. Books are her jam. Her math skills frighten me because she’ll be smarter than me in no time. She’s an aspiring future Ninja Warrior and super into fitness.

There’s Reese, the sweet yet fierce middle sister. Her sense of humor is on point and her smile lights up the room. She knows what she wants in life and doesn’t stop until she gets it (or gets in trouble). She loves fiercely, dances wildly, and she’s loud… oh so loud.

There’s Lincoln who stole this family’s heart right from the very beginning. He’s oh-so-sweet and oh-so-happy and does everything he can to keep up with his sisters.

There’s our lovable wolf-dog, Dante, who has spent less and less time inside with every kid we’ve brought home from the hospital. Some days I think he’s got the right idea.

There’s our 12-acre piece of paradise that we call home that I love to hate and hate to love. [I actually love it. Just hate all the time and money it sucks from us.]

Then there’s our jobs that keep us just as busy as our kids, dog, and property. [There’s never enough hours in the day.]

Our life is a circus, folks. We’re just along for the ride, trying to keep up while remembering to keep an open heart and an open mind and teaching our little circus to do the same.

This isn’t a fashion blog, food blog, humor blog, or faith blog. I wouldn’t even go so far as to say this is a mom or baby blog. But it if you stick around long enough, you’ll likely see all of that stuff.

This is a blog about our life.

I like to say we’re somewhere in the middle.

And while it might not always be blue skies, there’s always a silver lining.

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