Reese Said What!? – Stinky Linky Edition

by katherine on August 19, 2016

On our road trip last week, I turned around to the back seat to take off Lincoln’s sandals for the next stretch of road. I had no idea he had such stinky feet! The second I removed the sandals the car filled with smelly-boy-feet-stink. Andy and I looked at each other, kinda laughing he rolled down […]


Pumpkin Patchin’

by katherine on October 29, 2013

Saturday we hit the pumpkin patch with some friends. Both girls were super into it and I remembered to bring my “big camera”. Rylee was off pumpkin hunting out in the middle of the field so most of these photos are of Reese, but holy cute., amiright!? She was SO excited about the pumpkin she […]



by katherine on July 15, 2013

We spent months anticipating our trip to Hawaii for my sister’s wedding. Then we blinked and it was over. On one hand, it was amazing. On the other, it was exhausting. This was mine & Andy’s first vacation* since our honeymoon almost 8 years ago. This was both the girls’ first plane rides and trip […]


Camping as a family of four

by katherine on May 30, 2013

  Andy and I both grew up camping. We loved it and it’s something we carried our love for into our adulthood. We even got engaged while camping. Camping is something we knew from very early on we wanted to do with our girls. Rylee went on her first camping trip when she was just […]


The busy season

by katherine on May 14, 2013

I really try not to use the word busy to describe my life in a conversation when someone asks how things are going. Because as a family with two young children, two working parents, a dog, two houses and 12+ acres to take care of, that’s just life. Our reality every day. There is always […]


This weekend rocked so hard.

by katherine on March 11, 2013

Oh man, last week drained me. I was ready for the weekend. And the weekend? Did not disappoint. Saturday morning was pretty laid back…Andy worked outside for a bit while I hung out with the girls. While Reese napped Rylee & I had a tea part picnic then packed up a real picnic lunch. The […]

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Currently v.2

by katherine on March 7, 2013

Eating…pizza for dinner tonight. The last few nights I’ve ended up overwhelmed over the tiniest little things and I hate it. So, tonight, as per my sister’s wonderful suggestion, I’m picking up Papa Murphy’s on the way home from work. We never do that…in fact, I think this will be the first time I’ve ever […]


Not just dudes turning left.

by katherine on October 18, 2012

Up until last weekend, the extent of my NASCAR knowledge came from watching the movies Cars and Talladega Nights. Not kidding one bit. When Toyota mentioned that they’d like to send some of the TWIN members to a NASCAR Immersion trip in Charlotte, NC I thought “sure, that might be fun” but I had no […]


Another Quickie

by katherine on October 8, 2012

Mind out of the gutter people! I’m only in the office 3 days this week so my to-do list is packed. Andy was working down at the rental pretty much all weekend {new renters moving in this weekend! yay?} so it was just the girls and me for the majority of the time. Which, by […]


Trying to keep things fun for the Monster

by katherine on August 20, 2012

Since Reese has been born, I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to spent one-on-one time with Rylee. Sometimes it works out, other times? Not so much. The other day Andy was busy running errands or something. It was just the girls & I pretty much all day. Things started out okay, but then took […]