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Champagne Brunch Bridal Shower

by katherine on July 23, 2014

Sunday was my sister’s bridal shower. She didn’t want a bridal shower at all, but being the sweet little sister I am, I made her do it anyway. We both agreed that it wouldn’t be the traditional style bridal shower with those annoying “can’t say this word” games and such, but a nice brunch where […]

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The Monster’s Monster Party

by katherine on May 24, 2012

I have been scheming and planning this Monster Party for months now! {Thank you Pinterest for planning my 4 year old’s birthday party!} We’ve called Rylee “Monster” since before she could crawl. It’s a nickname that’s always fit and it’s always stuck. When we decided to throw her her very first “friends” party this year, […]


Insert Witty “Wizard of Oz” Title Here

by katherine on October 24, 2011

Y’all? I’m beat today. Between a crazy Saturday full of running errands, going OUT{!!!!} to a Halloween Party on Saturday night and staying up until almost midnight {stop laughing}, then getting up a 5 AM on Sunday to go hunting all day and Rylee peeing, yes peeing in our bed last night with subsequent trips […]


Beautiful Bride-to-be

by katherine on June 6, 2010

My very best friend in the whole world is getting married in 20 days. TWENTY DAYS people! I am beyond excited for her and her soon to be hubs and so happy to be a part of the wedding. Yesterday we threw her a bridal shower. By we, I mean the other bridesmaids, her mom […]


CAUTION: EXTREME CUTENESS AHEAD!! What a day! Ry’s actual birthday (photos to come) was on May 18th. A Tuesday is no good for a party and since I had to work the weekend before, we decided to have the party on Sunday May 23. This also happened to be Uncle’s 16th birthday, but he was […]

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Easter Goodness

by katherine on April 8, 2010

I love to cook. I grew up baking holiday cookies, family birthday cakes, etc. Then in middle & high school, my mom had me start cooking dinner once a week for the whole family (6 of us!). I’m pretty sure I hated it then, but I LOVE it now! On the weekends, I plan out […]