Adventures in Breastfeeding

by katherine on August 7, 2015

Nothing like coming out of semi-blog retirement and being all, “HEY GUYS! MISS ME? LET’S TALK ABOUT BOOBS!”

What can I say? I like to keep people on their toes.

It’s World Breastfeeding Week here on the good ole’ interwebs and something inside me has been calling me to write about this. There’s always talk {read: ridiculous debates} about breast vs. bottle, breastmilk vs. formula. It’s time to help shed some light on the standpoint of being somewhere in the middle. {get it!?} Both my girls were 100% breastmilk babies. But guess what, Lincoln is not.

And guess what else. That’s 100% okay.

We’re like Goldilocks and the three bears over here… only out of order, and we’re talking about breastmilk. Not porridge.

With Rylee, I never stuggled with milk making but I wouldn’t say I ever had an over-supply. Everything was juuust right. Then with Reese, I made a LOT of milk. So much, in fact, that my friends nicknamed me LilMissMilkGuns and I shared it with others. Now with Lincoln, I’m not producing enough, so I supplement with formula.

Somewhere around February or March, daycare was sending home reports that he gobbled down his bottle and was still crying like he was hungry. I took it with a bit of a grain of salt because I know that A) babies will drink more from bottles and B) breastmilk changes in nutritional value as babies grow so they shouldn’t need more. But after a couple weeks of that I started sending bigger bottles. As the month went on, I was struggling to keep up with the bigger bottles. My “extra” bottle I kept in the fridge would be used over the week to top off his bottles for daycare. I was adding pumping sessions before work if I had a few extra minutes. I was pumping on the weekends. I was drinking that nasty Mother’s Milk tea. I had a short work trip coming up, followed by a longer one a few weeks later. Needless to say, I was stressing.

The stress just wasn’t worth it. And it wasn’t working.

So I bought some formula.

To be honest, I was kind of expecting some big wave of relief to rush over me and then my body would be all “oh look at her not stressed at all. I’m gonna make more milk now.” But that never happened.

So I started supplementing. It was a pretty easy transition for Lincoln, thankfully.

Fast forward a couple of months to a week or so before Lincoln’s 9 month well check. I was getting frustrated with how little milk I was producing when I was pumping. He never seemed to have issues with not having enough over the weekends. I was ready to just throw in the towel with it all. I pressed on. Then at his well-check appointment the nurse was going over the standard questionnaire and asked about milk. I told him that Lincoln was getting both breastmilk and formula. Then he asked about how much of each. After some quick math, I realized that on average I’m still producing about 2/3 of the milk he needs.

Sometimes he gets bottles of 100% breastmilk. Sometimes he gets bottles of 100% formula. Most times, it’s some combo of the two.

Either way, I’m giving him everything I can. And he is happy. And thriving. And he loves me. And I am happy about that.

How could I NOT be happy about that?!

My point of sharing this story is this friends… Don’t get down on yourself if things don’t go the way you think they should. Don’t get down on yourself if things don’t go the way they did the last time. Do what you can because that’s all you can do. And certainly don’t get down on others for their baby-feeding choices (or in some/most cases, non-choices). Hopefully sharing our story will help someone feel better about the situation they are in, or at least know that there are options out there.


Wouldn’t change a thing. Love 12 years later.

by katherine on July 23, 2015

{Note: I just found this in my drafts folder… from more than 2 years ago. So, why not just his publish, right?}

At this point I’m not even sure how the conversation came about, but Saturday morning Andy was telling me about a conversation he and some coworkers were having about regrets they had/things in their past they’d change.

One coworker had made reference to traveling more. Another made reference to choosing a different major in college, or something along those lines.

My ears perked up…I was curious to hear what he’d said.

“I told them that the only things I wish would have been different would have been related to my sports injuries. If I hadn’t hurt my knee, I would have gone on to play college baseball. Then I told them that I’m glad it never happened because everything that happened then led me to where I am today. With you. And the girls. And I wouldn’t change that for anything.”

I laughed and said “I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.”

He laughed too telling me that was pretty much what his coworkers said too.

Then I smiled.

I couldn’t help but smile.

For one, because, duh, I have an insanely sweet husband.

But two, because just one week earlier, while spending the weekend in Arizona with my girlfriends, we had that same conversation about regrets and things we’d change and I said almost the exact same thing Andy did.

{minus the sports thing, because me and sports? Well that’s just laughable.}

We started dating a couple of weeks before my freshman year of college. I knew within weeks that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. We became engaged just before i started my senior year of college and were married months after my graduation. Because of that I never studied abroad or did some of the traveling I watched my oldest sister do while she was in college. Looking back do I think that would have been a cool thing to do? Sure. But some memories of a few months spent overseas doesn’t even compare to the life I’m living today.

And that concludes my mushy quota for the day the month the quarter for a while.


Life Update

by katherine on February 7, 2015

I think it’s time to get back to the basics. When I first started this blog (over SIX years ago!) the whole point was to keep friends and family, near and far, up to date on the life and times of Little Miss Rylee. Then people other than friends and family started reading the blog, I started posting 3-5 times a week, making a little money and somewhere along the way I lost touch with why I started blogging. Between that and life getting more and more busy I just got overwhelmed with this space and the unrealistic expectations I’d set for myself.

And so here we are.

Getting back to the basics I figured I’d start by trying to give some life updates on the family. On a semi-regular basis maybe?

Rylee continues to kick serious booty at school. Sure, she is smart, but she also works really hard. I love that about her. She’s reading at almost a third grade level. Her math skills are just about off the charts. Like, literally. Her 2nd quarter state math tests put her in the 98th percentile. Yes, in the state. She continues to blow me away and at the rate she’s going she’ll be better than me at math by the time she’s out of elementary school. Other than school, she still loves art, Taylor Swift, board games, playing mine craft on her ipod, and tacos. She tells me her favorite colors are no longer orange and pink. Well, she “still likes, them, but just like not super bright pink or anything.” Her sense of humor is on point. She doesn’t have a boyfriend. She’s lost 5 teeth so far.


Reese is so full of life! A typical 2.5 year old, she is opinionated as all get out. She makes us laugh all the time. And once she knows she’s being funny she is relentless. She will definitely be the class clown. She also gives some killer dirty looks. (Gets that from her mama.) She’s thoughtful and polite and loves to be a helper. I feel like I need to add more here to make her update more even with the other two, alas I can’t think of anything else to report, Sorry future Reese, I’m definitely not helping with that middle child complex.


Andy and I have talked about getting Ry back into gymnastics and trying it with Reese too. I just keep forgetting to look up class times.

Oh and I just remembered something else about Reese. We transitioned her to a toddler bed over Christmas break.

Lincoln is actually asleep on me as I’m typing this. Weekends are for snuggle naps, right? He just had his 4 month well-baby check earlier this week. He’s quite the little peanut – just breaking 14 lbs (19th percentile) and 22.5″ long (34th percentile).  He’s generally a happy guy. His blond fuzzy hair cracks me up. His lashes are to die for. He found his toes! He’s also kind of a jerk. He figured out last week how to knock the binkie out of his mouth and replace it with his thumb. Intentionally. Then he’d smile. He’s rolling over from back to stomach. He’s occasionally sleeping through the night. He definitely favors me over Andy and even though I feel kind of bad for Andy, I’m not going to lie, I kind of love it.


Andy is busy with work and the property, as usual. We had some broken pipes in our pump house last month and like most things with this place, it took way longer to fix than it should have because once he got in there to fix what he thought was the problem, he discovered a bunch of other stuff wrong. It’s exhausting. And expensive! He also cracked a rib or two while he was dealing with all of that so that’s been fun.


As for me? Being back at work full time has been a pretty easy adjustment. My new role is going well. It’s a bit of an adjustment to go from my old role of pretty much just copy writing to managing a team and keeping track of multiple moving pieces. It’s something I used to do at all my other jobs and it’s coming back to me, but there are definitely times where I feel like I have ADHD or something. One of the first things I had to do was plan a marketing retreat. Overall it went well and it felt pretty good to kind of knock it out of the park. I finally figured out how to french braid! I’m losing hair in disturbing amounts. Meal planning is still my sanity keeper. I’ve started taking a Barre style work out class on Saturday mornings. It’s amazing and I love it and if you live in my area, you really should try it out.

And at this point, that’s all I’ve got. As always, I have so many things I want to blog about. Maybe someday.




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