Reese Said What!? – 4 year old edition

by katherine on July 20, 2016

Yesterday Reese turned 4. Hard to believe, but I guess that’s how time and math work.

We had a pretty low key day because I had a softball game that night so her family party is tomorrow night.

The first thing she said when she woke up yesterday was, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAAAYYYY!” {Seriously, how a kid can be SO awake and full of energy and loud within in minutes of waking up blows my mind.}

We let her open some presents after she woke up from nap, and she wanted to eat nachos for dinner. While I was at my game Andy took the kiddos to Dairy Queen to get some ice cream.

Then the first thing out of her mouth this morning, “Mom, am I still 4?”


This photo is from 4th of July. But like the “World’s Okayest Mom” that I am, I didn’t take a single photo on her birthday.


It’s FriYay! – Pacific North WET Edition

by katherine on July 8, 2016

It was a short work week… why do short weeks always screw with me so badly!? I can’t believe it’s Friday. If you remember last week, I was looking forward to planning our first camping trip as a family of 5! But now it’s raining and it’s supposed to continue all weekend. So we’re not going camping. Normally, I’d say let’s go anyway! But tent camping in the rain with 3 kids sounds kinda terrible.

Awesome things from this week…

1. Having an extra day to spend with the family! Sure it was 4th of July, but other than some really yummy BBQ food, it was just like any other day for me because I left the BBQ we were at around 7:30 to get Lincoln home for bed. Fingers crossed next year will be the year we’re finally able to drive one car and stay all together again!

2. It was fun having some friends stay with us on Sunday night. All the kids play so well together and it’s fun to watch Lincoln try and get in on the action with the bigger kids.

3. Monday night I spent some time purging my closet. ThreadYall is gonna get a clothes swap next week. Haha

4. Wednesday night my mom and I took the kids to an outdoor family-friendly karaoke night. The girls LOVED it. They sang two songs, “Trouble” by Taylor Swift and of course “Let it Go” from Frozen. Before we even left, they were saying they want to do it again.

5. The girls both let me french braid their hair this week!

Pics from the week…

Human bowling // Red Neck Waterslide! Oh yes. we. did.

Independence Day Kiddos! All of the heart eyes for this one.

Just Reese. In her truest form. So fiery. I love it.

My morning call buddy.

Karaoke ladies. Terribly quality photos (and terrible singing), but they had so much fun.

Like I said… my morning buddy. This particular morning he was trying to steal my coffee.

Things I’m looking forward to next week…

1. I would say our first camping trip as a family… but rain.

2. The girls have VBS next week. Rylee had SO much fun last year and Reese was so bummed she wasn’t old enough to join in.

3. Since we’re not going camping for the weekend, we’re talking about heading up to Portland on Sunday. We got a family pass to OMSI that we want/need to use and I haven’t seen my sister and nephew for far too long. After getting to see them on a weekly basis for 5 months it’s been really weird to not see them for the last month.

4. I leave Wednesday for ThreadYall! My annual girls weekend with my phone friends also known as TheThread. If you’ve been around here awhile, you know what I’m talking about. This year we’re headed to Raleigh.

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It’s FriYay! July One

by katherine on July 1, 2016

Awesome Things this week include…

1. Lunch with B! It had been far too long.

2. The kiddos wrapped up their last week of daycare for the summer.

3. Playtime in the water.

4. Mojitos!

5. Wrapping up work every day between 3:30 & 4 PM. What an awesome schedule for summer!

Fun pics from the week…
Lincoln is often asking for breakfast within minutes of him waking up in the mornings. My current work schedule of starting at 6 AM and having a daily call at 6:30 AM interferes with his morning plans. Luckily for me he’s a pretty patient little man. And also quiet. Clockwise from the upper left we have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

He still loves me!

Reese before our run on Saturday.

My girls and me. All the heart eyes.

Auntie & Reese. Walking buddies.

Straight iron curls! I’m legit proud of myself for finally figuring this out. Girling is hard, yo.

Fun in the sun! Lincoln is now obsessed with playing in the water!

Next week I’m looking forward to…

1. Spending time with friends for the 4th!

2. Short work week that’s ending in a camping trip with some great friends!

2. Planning our first camping trip as a family of 5!


21 Months x3

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It’s FriYay! On a Saturday.

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That Circus Life

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