School Days

Back to School

by katherine on September 2, 2014

Today was officially back to school day in our house. Rylee heading to first grade. Full day! and Reese heading back to daycare, only this year she will be full time in the two year old class. Rylee was a nervous/excited hybrid for her first day of first grade. Last week I took her in […]


Taco Tuesday

by katherine on May 15, 2014

We’ve been pretty die-hard Taco Tuesday fans in our house for a while now…so long that I can’t actually remember when it started. Over the course of our Taco Tuesdays we’ve even converted a number of people to following along. It often comes up in conversation at daycare drop off or pick up…especially on Tuesday […]


Opening Night

by katherine on May 1, 2014

On Monday night Rylee suited up in her ugly as all get out tie-dyed uniform and played her first official T-Ball game of the season. It was hilarious, adorable and infuriating all at the same time. Most of the kids on our team {notice I say our team, and not both teams. ahem.} had no clue […]


Proud Mama Moment

by katherine on April 11, 2014

Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing right by my girls. As a woman. As a mom. And as a working mom in particular. Am I giving my kids my best every day? We rush every morning to catch the bus and then more often than not I feel like we end the day rushed and […]

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Rylee Speak

by katherine on January 16, 2014

Every kid has certain words they say funny. It’s one of those things that as a parent, you hope they never outgrow because you know when they do, they’re officially not-so-little anymore. Rylee has a few and I love each and every one of them. So much so, that I’ve found myself saying them her […]


Kindergarten. The first Quarter.

by katherine on November 26, 2013

Kindergarten is a trip you guys. From the first day at drop-off, to sitting in those tiny little chairs at parent-teacher conferences. I was excited for conferences. I knew Rylee was doing well, but I was looking forward to hearing about her progress. So excuse my while I brag about my kid for a few […]

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New School Year Transitions

by katherine on September 10, 2013

I know what you’re thinking…ugh, here she goes again…complaining about back to school. And I’d like to tell you you’re wrong. But you’re not. You’re 100% right. I don’t know what it is about this year, but I swear this is the worst year yet for the back to school transition. I’m having a tough […]


Big Kid Status: Kindergarten

by katherine on September 9, 2013

You know what’s weird? Having a kindergartner. I mean, it’s not weird, per say. Rylee is 5 years old. I guess it’s just more weird to think about. When Andy & I talked about having kids, all the way through giving birth to Rylee, I never really thought past the baby stage. Now here I […]