Wordless Wednesday: Hiding

by katherine on June 20, 2012

We were at a BBQ with some friends on Sunday. The kids found this super tricky hiding spot. Linking Up with The Paper Mama and Baby Baby Lemon


4th O July Recap

by katherine on July 7, 2011

I know I’m a few days late here folks but I’ve been enjoying these last two days off. Soaking up all the sunshine and family time I can get. Do you blame me? I didn’t think so. Moving right along… Our 4th of July was nothing short of perfect. Well, as perfect as it can […]

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If you’re in the market for a new BBQ/pot-luck/football game friendly crowd-pleasing appetizer you have come to the right place! My mother in law is pretty much famous for this Mexican Dip and is pretty much shunned if she doesn’t bring two pans of it to the annual 4th of July Bash we attend every […]


Rylee is ONE!

by katherine on July 10, 2009

Well, she’s older than one now, but I have been VERY bad about posting…obviously since my last post was before Rylee’s birthday. We have taken quite a few photos in the last month and a half and I have some definite catching up to do. I will try my very best! I will start with […]

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