Terrible Twos

Let’s Talk About That Magical Switch

by katherine on December 23, 2010

True Story: When I met Rylee and Andy at the mall on Monday for her first-ever Santa meeting, she had the charm turned on. She was a perfect angel. After the Santa meet-up, we wanted to grab some lunch. As we headed to the mall food court, Ry politely asked for a grilled cheese sandwich: […]

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I’ll Consider it a WIN!

by katherine on December 20, 2010

For the first ever visit with Santa, I’ll consider this a win. She was a little apprehensive at first, sitting on my knee instead of the big-guy’s. She said she didn’t want her picture taken with him. I was fully prepared to walk away with nothing. Then, Santa asked her for a hug. And she […]

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Really Kid? REALLY!?

by katherine on October 26, 2010

I’m pretty sure that compared to Auntie Kristen, I’m nothing but chopped liver. I’ve always had the slight suspicion, but now? I have photographic evidence. I mean, just look how sweetly Ry is smiling while sitting on her Auntie’s lap… And I get this… I mean come on…really kid!? Is it really that bad sitting […]


What happens to owies and taco eating horses.

by katherine on October 18, 2010

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been noticing my lack of posts. There’s a funny little thing about life…it never slows down when you want it to. Between Andy being back in school and working long hours, my work picking up and Rylee being a little 2 year old monster, I’m…tired. And […]


Road Trip Notes: I should have known better.

by katherine on September 21, 2010

This wasn’t my first rodeo. We’ve done mini road trips before. Although, I’m not sure a 2.5 hour drive constitutes a road trip. I still should have known better. All the rest of the longer than 45 minute drives we’ve gone on I’ve been all sorts of prepared. What was so different this time? Next […]


Weekend Recap (and a little business)

by katherine on August 10, 2010

Let me just start out by saying, what a great weekend! I need more weekends like this last one. After dinner on Friday, we decided to take a walk outside. The great thing about having 12 acres? We don’t even have to leave our property! Ry is not the biggest fan of grass in her […]


$H!T! I mean CRAP! I mean…oh eff it!

by katherine on June 24, 2010

I have not been known to have the most lady-like of mouths. Actually, there’s times when I have  down-right foul language. There. I said it. And if ya don’t know, now ya know. However, around my chatter box little 2 year old, I really try and watch what I say. Honest. It seems like there […]



by katherine on June 8, 2010

Isn’t the tag line for Cap’n Crunch “Crunchatize Me, Cap’n”? If not, then that is about the dumbest post title. Ever. Anyway, it seems funny to me that my 2-year old loves cold cereal. The obsession came when she saw me eating cereal with my straw bowl and wanted to try it. She’s been hooked […]


Ry’s 2-Year Interview

by katherine on May 22, 2010


9 Reasons I love Being a Mom…in pictures

by katherine on May 7, 2010

And yes, even this… All in all, this was a picture perfect afternoon. Being a mom rocks my socks. Happy Mother’s Day to ME!

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