I spent last weekend, through Monday, in San Francisco for a tradeshow. If just so happens my sister lives there so I got to spend some time with her as well. More on that later, though. I ended picking up a bug while I was down there and now? I feel like a steaming pile of poo. Hence the lack of blogging this week.

But, that’s not actually why this post title is poo.

Last week we started Reese on solids. Anyone that’s ever introduced a baby to solid foods knows that there’s quickly a drastic change in the #2 department.

So last night we’re all sitting at the table for dinner and Reese starts…ummm…filling her drawers. She was making hilarious faces, so I kind of giggled and said, “Looks like Reesie is filling her drawers.”

Ry, without looking at her sister, looked at me and said “how do you even know that!?”

I said, “I can tell by the faces she’s making.”

Rylee looked over at her sister who was still doing her thing, and without skipping a beat says, “whoa Reese, you look angry!

Andy & I then preceded to erupt in laughter while both girls looked at us like we were crazy.

Rereading this now, it really doesn’t seem all that funny I guess…but it was. I swear it was.

I’m officially not allowing myself to post again until I feel better, because that whole thing was just kind of a hot mess that sounded a whole lot better in my head than it does typed out. Whatever. I’m sick.

And thus concludes today’s poop post.

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