This weekend rocked so hard.

by katherine on March 11, 2013

Oh man, last week drained me. I was ready for the weekend. And the weekend? Did not disappoint. Saturday morning was pretty laid back…Andy worked outside for a bit while I hung out with the girls. While Reese napped Rylee & I had a tea part picnic then packed up a real picnic lunch. The […]

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by katherine on November 29, 2011

::dusts off my laptop:: Hey Strangers! It’s me, Katherine…you know, the one that keeps up this blog. I clearly threw that whole NaBloPoMo thing out the window…roughly 6 days ago. Oh well. It’s amazing how easily blogging can take over your life. Invade your thoughts and yes, even your dreams. It’s also, as equally amazing […]


Happy Friday!

by katherine on April 15, 2011

So yesterday, Mandy posted some photos she recently rediscovered on her phone. It inspired me to scroll through the pics I’ve taken on mine. Can you say random!? So, I thought for your Friday viewing pleasure, I’d go ahead and share in the random. Trust me…you won’t be disappointed. Beautiful view on the way home […]


Teaching her early…

by katherine on June 16, 2010


Go Beavs!!

by katherine on November 23, 2008

This outfit is courtesy of Auntie Kristen. It is actually the first gift Rylee ever received. I had just found out I was pregnant a few days before going to an OSU game with my sister last Fall. We stopped at the bookstore on the way to the game because I had to pee (go […]