Pumpkin Patchin’

Saturday we hit the pumpkin patch with some friends. Both girls were super into it and I remembered to bring my “big camera”. Rylee was off pumpkin hunting out in the middle of the field so most of these photos are of Reese, but holy cute., amiright!?


She was SO excited about the pumpkin she found…don’t worry, we made sure to get her a non-rotten one.DSC_0713

Watching all the big kids in the field…still holding on to that pumpkin.DSC_0719

Oh hey look! Another one!DSC_0729

While Ry poses with her find, Reese is trying to load hers into the cart.DSC_0731

Daddy’s girls…DSC_0732

Family shot!DSC_0734

This was the first year we’ve been to this particular farm. The one we have gone to in the past {not counting Albertson’s} is the most popular one in our area so it’s always packed. This one is closer to our house and we were the ONLY ones out there. I definitely see this one being in our future.

Tomorrow I’ll post some photos of the carving…

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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