We spent months anticipating our trip to Hawaii for my sister’s wedding.

Then we blinked and it was over.

On one hand, it was amazing. On the other, it was exhausting.

This was mine & Andy’s first vacation* since our honeymoon almost 8 years ago. This was both the girls’ first plane rides and trip out of state. It was also our first time to Hawaii.

In 6 days we…

Hiked Diamond Head
{Holy Hell that was steep!}

Diamond Head

Visited Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor

Watched my sister say “I Do”
{That will have a post of its own.}


Played on the Beach
{Both the girls LOVED it}


Had Breakfast With Mickey & Friends
{Reese was not a fan.}
Disney Breakfast1

Visited the Dole Pineapple Plantation


Drove along the North Shore looking for surfers.
{no surfers, but amazing scenery!}

North Shore1

Enjoyed a Hawaiian Sunset

Overall, I’m so glad we were all able to make it to the wedding. It’s an experience I will never forget. Of course there’s so much more I could say about our trip {like our experience flying Allegiant Air for the first (and last) time or flying 5+ hours straight with an almost 1 year old or sharing a condo with your family of four and 4 other family members that aren’t used to being around kids 24/7 or that I came back from Hawaii just as un-tan as I went} but I think I’ll just let the photos tell the story because bottom line is the trip was amazing.

I think I’ve been bit by the vacation bug.

*I now understand {and completely agree with} what people meant when they said taking your kids isn’t a vacation, it’s a trip.

5 thoughts on “Hawaii

  1. mrshiggison

    I poured over these pictures & I think my favourite one is the beach one with your feet & all three of your loves in front of you just hanging out:)
    Can't wait til the wedding post!

  2. laurapayette

    So glad you were able to go! We just went to the mountains with the girls for a family reunion of sorts and shared a townhouse with my parents, my sister, and my cousin, his wife, and their kids. It had lots of stairs and NO babyproofing. I shared a room with the girls (and didn't sleep enough). Also, my dad ended up in the hospital. It was definitely a trip! And we're flying to CA with the girls in August. It promises to be exhausting (but fun)! Here's hoping you "recover" soon.

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