Exit the Highway. Get Outdoors.

by katherine on July 11, 2012

We love spending time outside. Camping. Fishing. Hiking. Or even just hanging out on our property. With Baby Sister due so soon, we knew we wanted to get out to our favorite spot in the woods for at least a day trip. And with the nice, long holiday weekend, we figured that’d be the time […]


Rylee Get your Gun!

by katherine on July 9, 2012

For Rylee’s first birthday, we bought her a pink single shot .22 rifle. {While it may seem a little extreme that that was her 1st birthday gift, I assure you the only reason it happened was because the company I worked for at the time was owned by a gun manufacturer and I got a […]


Impromptu Blog Break

by katherine on July 6, 2012

Uhhh…herro Friday. Where’d you come from? Between only working 2 days this week and the holiday and throw in some family adventure for good measure, there’s been no time for blogging, I guess. Nope, no baby yet. Doctor appointment yesterday went well. Nothing new to report. I have a “state of the cervix” appointment next […]


Say Balls!

by katherine on July 3, 2012

Be prepared for an abundance of ridiculously cute photos…you’ve been warned. Saturday Morning Rylee and I headed out to meet up with Lindsey, Otto and Loretta at the Science Factory! If you’re local and never been, I’d say it’s worth the $4 admission. The kids had a blast! We were there for at least two […]


The Big Sister Bucket List

by katherine on June 27, 2012

With less than 4 weeks to go before Baby Sister will be making her appearance, we’ve been trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible lately with a certain 4 year old that is at just the right age to go do ALL! THE! FUN! THINGS! When I was newly-ish pregnant, we started thinking […]

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My Own Little Brave

by katherine on June 22, 2012

Y’all have heard about the movie Brave, right? About the red headed archer? I just watched the trailer for the first time a few minutes ago. {Seriously, just watching the trailer I got that HELL YEA YOU GO GIRL! feeling.} Last weekend among the umpteen other things we had on the agenda, we had to […]


Wordless Wednesday: Hiding

by katherine on June 20, 2012

We were at a BBQ with some friends on Sunday. The kids found this super tricky hiding spot. Linking Up with The Paper Mama and Baby Baby Lemon


Some of my favorite things!

by katherine on June 19, 2012

Father’s Day weekend was a flat-out fantastic weekend. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’ll get to it later. And yes, I know it’s unlike me to go out of chronological order, and it’s killing me a little bit, but last night was just too awesome not to share right now. {and also […]


I’m so H.O.T. it’s not even funny.

by katherine on May 3, 2012

It’s true! I’m totally HOT. And no, I’m not talking about my looks. Because A) I’d like to think I’m a little bit more humble than that and 2) I’m just not. I’m talking about H.O.T. AKA: High on Thrifting! Now, I’m not even sure if this technically counts as thrifting…I’m not up on the […]


Sand, Surf and Sun…In Oregon!?

by katherine on April 23, 2012

Oh my goodness…words cannot even describe how amazing this past weekend was. And after last week? I totally needed it. We were headed to the coast for a quick overnight trip, staying at my sister’s fiance’s family’s condo. {Oy, Did I get those ‘s right!?} I am not even kidding, the entire time we were […]