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by katherine on January 24, 2012

Wow, has it been a week already? Work has been insane, so my typical lunchtime blogging has gone by the wayside, hence the lack of posting. So, here’s the quick and dirty of what’s been going on our little life… Please to be noticing the epic outfit choice. Full of awesome, no? {For the record, […]


My new Kindle Fire & Other really cool things

by katherine on December 21, 2011

Y’all? {Like I’m all of a sudden southern, or something} I am floored… Quick Back Story: I’m a member of the Clever Girls Network. And periodically, the send out information for opportunities to earn some cash for writing a blog post. You may have noticed that I’ve done a couple. It helps keep my site […]


Working With Style {8} & other things

by katherine on November 19, 2011

Happy Saturday friends! I’m happy to report I am feeling so much better today! My nose is still a tad stuffy, but my throat feels better and I’m coming off of a nice 10+ hour night of sleep. Today instead of my normal “Working With Style” post over here, I’m actually hosting it over on […]


Life’s Tough. Get a Helmet.

by katherine on November 18, 2011

Ugh. I still don’t feel great. Work is still busy. I’m redonk-ulously annoyed with technology at the moment and may throw my desktop out my window by the day’s end. I’m so, so happy today is Friday. I’m looking forward to some major R&R this weekend. Next week is Thanksgiving! And I don’t think I’ve […]


All I want for Christmas…

by katherine on November 15, 2011

I am normally a BIG proponent for “respecting the turkey” and not doing anything remotely Christmas related until after Thanksgiving…actually that’s still the case, “all I want for Christmas” is just a catchy way for me to ask you for your help! You see, there’s this company called Modern Bird Studios…you may remember me writing […]


Working With Style {6}

by katherine on November 5, 2011

Oh hey look! There’s those jeans and boots! again. I am seriously getting kind of sick of just wearing jeans. I even had a real-deal offsite meeting this week and went to my closet for my favorite pair of slacks only to remember they’re in my “take to the dry cleaners” pile. Then, all the […]


Happy Hallow…Christmas? Wait…what?

by katherine on October 31, 2011

Yea, yea, I know it’s Halloween today, but guess what? You’re not going to get any Halloween photos of Ry until tomorrow so I figured I’d take today to go over something else…list CHRISTMAS! I love, love, LOVE the prep of Christmas…goes right along with my type-A personality, no? When it comes to Christmas, I […]


Working with Style {5}

by katherine on October 29, 2011

#1…I’ve actually stuck to doing a weekly thing on the blog for 5 weeks straight now. Crazy right!? Oh, the other thing I’ve stuck to is our weekly dinners. #2…I really have to share the entire, original, unedited photo here because seriously? My back yard rocks. And also? A gorgeous sunset was happening. #3…Ok, here’s […]


Working With Style {4}

by katherine on October 22, 2011

It’s the weekend folks! Hooray!, right!? This week I took a photo almost every day but none of them turned out…it was getting really frustrating. I was able to snag this photo one night after work. Ok, let’s talk about this outfit for a minute…or, well, nearly all of the outfits I’ve posted thus far. […]


Did you hear? I’m kind of a big deal…

by katherine on October 18, 2011

Ok, well, that’s a lie… I’m not really a big deal, but I do have big exciting news! {no, I’m not pregnant} I was recently asked to become a contributing writer for the blog “Liberating Working Moms“! Liberating Working Moms, or LWM, is all about sharing what being a working mom is all about…“Ultimately, we […]