So turns out I’m not old, I’m sick.

So, remember how the other day I was all “oh I’m so old and pathetic because I ended the weekend sore and exhausted just from doing my mom thing”? Of course you do…it was just yesterday.

Anyway, turns out maybe I’m not so old and pathetic after all. Sunday evening I had a twinge of a sore throat. Didn’t think much of it since Andy had been fighting a sore throat for the last week or two. Woke up yesterday and it was worse. Way worse. Still, powered through my day.

Well as the day went on, the “I worked out to hard” soreness morphed into over all weak body aches. Horrible headache. Then my throat got even worse. Last night I slept like crap. And today I’m taking my first ever “send the kids to school and come home sick” day. I’ve already taken two naps and about to make it three.

Look, you know it’s bad when I give up my coffee and drink tea instead. I haven’t even had the tv on.

Seriously…this constant string of sickness happening in this house just needs to moves the hell on. I’m over it.

Ironically enough, I just wrote a post for Liberating Working Moms about how for the first time ever I’m taking vacation days for actual vacationy-type things this year!

So…yay for vacations. Yay for not being as old & lame as originally thought. Yay for naps. Boo for being sick.

I hope my throat feels good enough to eat dinner because Taco Tuesday!!

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