Oh yea…it’s election day.

So…today I’m voting. And it’s not because I want to. But because I have to.

Seriously. I hate politics. And pretty much everything that surrounds them.

Probably because I have no strong feelings/affiliations one way or another.

I am registered as one particular party, but have been known to vote for the other.

I tend to be economically conservative but socially liberal. But not always.

I’m small business minded. I’m married to a teacher. I have a lot of family & friends in law enforcement. I own guns. I could give less than two shits about sexual orientation/who you choose to marry. And I’m a woman, so of course there’s that to consider as well.

Oh yea, I’m also one of those assholes that thinks anyone on public assistance should be regularly drug tested.

So you see? Somewhere in the middle. {Again, the blog name is not just some clever title.}

Actually, in Oregon, we vote by mail so really, I could have voted weeks ago. But I’ve been putting it off because I hate it so much.

But, I’m doing it because it’s my civic duty to vote. And not just mine, but ours too.

So, seriously. Go vote.

Because if I have to do it, so do you.

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