Reese Said What? – Bath Time Edition

May 23, 2016

Scene: Standing next to the bathtub, waiting for the water to warm up so she can take a bath. Reese: ::while holding up her arm:: “Mom, you want to smell my armpit?” Me: “Nope” Reese: ::Tries to smell it herself:: Me: “How does it smell?” Reese: “Pretty good.” ::pauses…:: “want to smell it now?” Me: […]

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The Circus Meets Their Cousin

May 20, 2016

So, back in January my sister, K1, had a baby! It’s the first cousin on my side. My first niece or nephew. This last Saturday I took the kiddos up to meet their sweet cousin George! Yes, he is 4 months old and I just now took the kids up to meet him. And even […]

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Fashion Police Friday – 5.13.16

May 17, 2016

Oh my sweet, sweet Reesie Bug! You guys remember that little weekly installment I used to do called “Friday Fashion Police” where I would highlight one of Rylee’s AWESOME outfits from the week? Well my friends, Reese is prime age for picking out her own outfits and figuring out her unique style. I hadn’t been […]

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How I Whole30′d

April 14, 2016

Background: I have 3 kids, at the time of my first Whole30 they were 7, almost 3 and 9 months I was still breastfeeding at the time of my first Whole30. I worked full time, outside of the home I worked out 4-ish times a week I was the only one in my house to do […]

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12 Months of Lincoln

April 9, 2016

I was going to call out which of these are my favorites, but as it turns out they all are. I love all of them for slightly different reasons from newborn squish, old man sweaters, to discovering feet, to gummy smiles, to toothy grins, to so.much.personality. I know I’ve said it before but this boy… […]

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Lincoln at 18 Months

April 9, 2016

How is my little man 18 months old!? We had his well check this morning, so I thought it’d be fun to do a quick update! This boy is super laid back and so happy… Unless you’re doing something he doesn’t want you to do or he’s doing something you don’t want him to. Ha. […]

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Adventures in Breastfeeding

August 7, 2015

Nothing like coming out of semi-blog retirement and being all, “HEY GUYS! MISS ME? LET’S TALK ABOUT BOOBS!” What can I say? I like to keep people on their toes. It’s World Breastfeeding Week here on the good ole’ interwebs and something inside me has been calling me to write about this. There’s always talk […]

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Wouldn’t change a thing. Love 12 years later.

July 23, 2015

{Note: I just found this in my drafts folder… from more than 2 years ago. So, why not just his publish, right?} At this point I’m not even sure how the conversation came about, but Saturday morning Andy was telling me about a conversation he and some coworkers were having about regrets they had/things in […]

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Life Update

February 7, 2015

I think it’s time to get back to the basics. When I first started this blog (over SIX years ago!) the whole point was to keep friends and family, near and far, up to date on the life and times of Little Miss Rylee. Then people other than friends and family started reading the blog, […]

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When your third kid sleeps though the night…

January 25, 2015

For the last three or so months, every night I’ve climbed into bed thinking “maybe tonight will be the night.” And every night at some point between the hours of 1 am and 3:30 am I’m up feeding Lincoln and thinking, “well, maybe tomorrow night…” Then like magic it finally happened! Lincoln slept through the […]

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