2017 Advent Activity Calendar

Year 6 of the Advent Activity calendar kicks off this week! My goal this year is to actually have it up and ready for when the kids wake up the morning of December 1. Fingers crossed.

I’m still having fun putting it together and the kids are still having fun doing all the activities. If you look at last year’s list, there are a number of repeats, but we’ve got some new ones worked in there as well!

For an added bonus of fun, I will be gone for work the 3rd-7th. I made those activities ones that Rylee can easily manage with her brother and sister and I will make sure I have everything prepped before I leave.

Here’s what we have on the calendar this year:

December 1: Deck the halls!
December 2: Do you wanna build a snowman? – Decorate bedroom doors like snowmen.
December 3: Trim a tree! – decorate a little felt tree that came in a kit from the dollar store.
December 4: Reindeer Games – Play pin the nose on the reindeer.
December 5: Gingerbread Dice Game
December 6: Make clothes-pin trees
December 7: Read Christmas books by the fire with hot cocoa
December 8: Go shopping for the local food pantry. – This year thanks to our wreath-selling fundraiser, the kids have over $200 to buy food with!
December 9: SANTA project shopping – SANTA stands for Sharing Among Neighbors Toy Appeal – another local community project. Again, thanks to our wreath-selling fundraiser, the kids have over $200 to shop with!
December 10: Go see “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” at the local Children’s Theater.
December 11: Make TP roll snowmen.
December 12: Melt Snowflakes – remember those little plastic beads you melted with an iron when you were younger? Those.
December 13: Go see Santa. Back-up: whatever holiday-themed activity book(s) I can find in the Dollar Spot at Target.
December 14: Preschool Christmas program!
December 15: Go get a Christmas tree!
December 16: Painting party
December 17: Decorate the Christmas tree
December 18: Wrap Teacher gifts
December 19: December 20: Eat snowman pancakes
December 21: Family baking day
December 22: Family Christmas movie night!
December 23: Snowman bowling – use the TP roll snowmen as the pins and the hallway as the bowling alley.
December 24: Write a letter or draw a picture for Santa
December 25: Time to celebrate!

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