Shopping Dates

Over the last few months my sister and I have started a new weekend ritual. Shopping dates. More specifically, grocery shopping dates.The girls and I load up and head into town, meal plan, grocery list and reusable grocery bags in hand. Sometimes we stop for coffee first but not always. We both park in our “normal spot”, grab our carts and get to it. The girls love the time with their auntie and I love the time with my sister. And I also love having a bit of backup on days one (or both) of the girls decide shopping is for losers.

It sounds ridiculous, I know, but our grocery shopping dates have quickly become something I cherish about my weekends.


3 thoughts on “Shopping Dates

  1. Kelli

    Me too! Love our shopping dates! I pay attention to no other crazies in the store but you and the girls! See you this weekend :)


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