Sunday Tired

I’m sure part of it has to do with the whole DST thing but I’m positive it’s mainly because today Lindsey and I drove up to Portland for the PNWBlogger holiday party. Then when I got home it was go-go-go with two kiddos that think it’s an hour later than it really is.

Point is? I’m beat and if it weren’t for making the commitment to myself to do the NaBloPoMo challenge there’s no way I’d be blogging right now. From my phone no less.

I had a great time today with a bunch of other blogging ladies and believe it or not I went through an entire blogging event without taking a single selfie. I feel like that’s breaking some sort of blogger covenant. I will be sharing more when I’m not wanting to check my eyelids for holes. I’ll leave you with a couple of shots from the day and then I’m off to snuggle my sweet Reese to sleep then build a Lego house for a mini dinosaur with Rylee. I’ll see you back here tomorrow.



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