Halloween twenty thirteen

So. Halloween.

Let me just say that every year for me since having kids it’s been the same. Living in the country is great for so many things but in Halloween night it makes trick or treating a touch difficult. I rush out the door of work to go get the kids them rush into town. Grab a quick dinner with friends before we rush out to trick-or-treat in hopes to be done and have the kiddos in bed close-ish to their bed times. Just thinking about it gets me on the brink of being overwhelmed. Then the rushing begins. Tensions are kinda high. Then the trick or treating starts and all the anxiousness is gone, kids are having fun and all is right with the world. Last night was no different.

All in all we had a pretty great time. We went with the same friends we had gone with last year. Ry was of course super into it. Reese shocked the heck out of me and was also super into it. Well, in her own way. She wanted to be right up in the mix with the big kids. If you didn’t let her walk up the driveway on her own she’d get all sorts of upset. It was hilarious. And absolutely adorable.

Reese was a dinosaur. The costume she wore is one my mom made almost 20 years ago for my cousin. Rylee was a clown again this year. The same exact costume as last year because apparently the face paint job I did last year was inadequate and she wanted to do better this year.

These were the best pictures I could get but it’s a night I never want to forget.





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