Life can be messy.

When I started this blog, it was to document milestones in Rylee’s life and share them with family and friends near and far. It was meant to serve as a pseudo baby book until I got my -ish together and got a real one. Fast forward 5-ish years and one more kid and somewhere along the way something changed. Yes, I still blog for those original reasons, but I also blog for more than that now. I’ve met an amazing community through this little blog. Three of my closest and dearest friends I’ve met because of blogging. But this whole blogging this can be a double edged sword. When you put things out there in the world, you make yourself vulnerable. Open to judgement. People making assumptions about your life because of the 500 word posts you share a couple of times a week. There are so many blogs out there that continually paint a “life is rosy” picture for their life.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly one of those people.

I’m not one to go on and on about how awful my life is {mainly because it’s not}, but I’m also not afraid to put it out there that things aren’t always perfect. Like how being super pregnant isn’t always that fun. Or how having a 3 week old baby is hard. Or how new schedules and new school years are hard. Or my most recent favorite…sometimes school pictures are really bad.

Just because I share these less than perfect things and put it out there that I don’t “cherish every moment”, doesn’t automatically mean that I’m unhappy or that something is wrong.

Do I have an amazing life? Personally, I happen to think I do. An amazing husband. Sweet girls. A good job. A beautiful property.

But at the same time, life is just plain messy sometimes and it’s not always perfect and that’s ok. Sometimes work drives me crazy. Sometimes my kids drive me crazy. Other times it’s my husband or housework or the never-ending piles of crap on my kitchen island. {seriously…why is that the catch-all!?}

There are days I feel like I have my shit together and I could take over the world. Other days I feel like I’m being completely consumed by life trying to see through the fog. A good majority of days I’m just teetering on the edge.


Do I wish that I had more “conquer the world” days over the foggy days? Yup. Right about the time I think I have things figured out, life will change again. But guess what? That’s just life. Kids get older, needs change. What seems overwhelming today, I may be laughing about next month. What matters is that at the end of the day, I still go to bed and thank God for the crazy because  I am blessed beyond what I ever thought possible.

2 thoughts on “Life can be messy.

  1. Roni Faida

    No one has or had a perfect life, except Jesus. Having love and being healthy are bliss and yes, it does get messy but that's life. And yours sounds pretty great.


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