New School Year Transitions

I know what you’re thinking…ugh, here she goes again…complaining about back to school.

And I’d like to tell you you’re wrong. But you’re not. You’re 100% right.

I don’t know what it is about this year, but I swear this is the worst year yet for the back to school transition. I’m having a tough time with it. Not in the “oh my baby is just starting kindergarten, she’s getting so big, where does time go, I think I’ll cry” kind of way. But more of the “holy crap how is it already 6 PM and we are just getting home and Reese only wants to be held and holy crap she’s tired and how am I going to make dinner like this and what time is Andy going to be home” kind of way.

I end every night completely exhausted and I wake up the next morning the same way.


Now we’re talking about signing Rylee up for soccer. Can I tell you a secret? I have purposefully avoided any kind of organized group activity thus far. No gymnastics. No dance. Nothing. Hardly even an official play date with friends. Not because I don’t want my girls to join organized activities, but because with all that we juggle as full-time-plus working parents and property owners, I couldn’t imagine willingly adding one.more.thing. into the mix.

But here we are.

When the flyer about soccer sign-ups was sent home with Rylee last week, I asked her about it. She said she didn’t want to play. I silently cheered and let out a sigh of relief.

But is that really it? No. It’s not.  At this point am I doing her a disservice by just accepting her meh “no” and moving on? All because I selfishly don’t want to have to figure out how soccer practices during the week and weekend games will fit into our already hectic lives? How is she going to know whether or not soccer is her thing if she never even tries it.

{Personally, I don’t think soccer will be her thing. She’s very athletic, and quite quick actually, but not particularly aggressive. I think volleyball or softball or even track will be more her style, but I suppose only time will tell.}

So I’ve made a couple of phone calls. First we’re going to see if her after school care  place is going to put together a team. They did it last year and the kids practice in the after-school hours instead of later in the evening. Of course we’d still have to fit in weekend games, but that’s much more doable. If that doesn’t work out, we’ll likely sign her up for soccer at her elementary school. That will mean evening practices and quite a little more schedule juggling.

Am I ready for all of this? No. Not in the least bit. But if it’s what’s best for Rylee and what she wants, then I guess we’ll make it work.

Looking ahead to our future? I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like once both girls are in school.

I swear I’ve heard from somewhere that it gets easier. So…when exactly is that?


4 thoughts on “New School Year Transitions

  1. Ot & Et

    It does not get easier by the time baby is 18 months. I am just the cold voice of reality – am I welcome here? :)

    We are doing soccer this year too – go figure! One weeknight practice and Saturday games. And like a chump I volunteered to be the "team mom" which I think means trying to coordinate parents bringing snacks and probably just bringing most of the snacks myself for the next couple months. yay! the silver lining is the kids look ridiculous cute out there and it's not super competitive (or even competitive at all) at this age so it's just a bunch of standing around cheering and chasing baby from the sidelines and feeling totally justified serving nachos & grapes for dinner one night a week. Excited to hear how Rylee likes it!

  2. Jessie

    We start soccer practice for my 3-yr-old tomorrow. As a working mom I’m not looking forward to it because, how am I going to get everyone fed and at practice by 6:15!!! But we have a shy guy and I know the earlier we expose him the better he’ll adjust. Thank goodness for crock-pot meals.

  3. Juli

    Wow – we all do this – every single one of us as parents that work full time, have lives outside of work, have more children have gone through this. You have to find a routine that works for you and your family. Your girls will want to be involved in sports, activities and they should be!! Let them join what they want and decide what they like. It will get easier but you have to find a routine!!

  4. Erin (erinmich82)

    We're not in the school years with our kids til next year, and we still have two years til kindergarten. Thank GOD! We have two boys and I want one more soon, and when I think ahead to being a two-parent working family with three kids all in school and activities, I get pretty anxious. No idea how we'll swing it all or how other families do it – but they do! And you and we will too!

    I think it's important to be willing to rely on help whenever possible, to let unimportant things slide, and to realize that you're simply not going to be there for everything, you can only do your best.

    I feel you, though! Good luck getting into a groove!

    Oh, and I think it gets easier once they head off to college. ;)


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