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wondering how much milk I’ve got in my freezer. How much I’ll be needing for my next trip. And how much I’ve got available to donate to a baby in need. I’m adding that to my mental to-do list for the weekend right…now. Also wondering if I’ll ever have the time to finish up all the lonely half-written blog posts I’ve got sitting in my drafts.

loathing this stupid cold that will.not.go.away. I’m about to get all up close and personal with my neti-pot tonight. I always forget I have one.

cooking some new things. Last weekend while I was meal planning I felt totally uninspired…in a rut. Enter Pinterest! Last night I made chicken enchilada pasta and tomorrow night I’ll be making coconut lime chicken. Quick review: the chicken enchilada pasta was a bit too hands on to be a new recipe on a weeknight. Now that I’ve done it, no problem, but in hindsight, shoulda saved it for a weekend. And I’m guessing if I didn’t have this stupid stuffed up nose, it would have tasted a helluva lot better too. To me, it was just kind of…meh. It did have a bit of a kick though. I will be trying it during a non-sick time.

reading…reading? What’s that? Seriously though…I always kind of “forget” to read. It sounds awful, I know. I know. But I really just don’t like reading that much to begin with. I do have “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” sitting on the table next to the chair I nurse Reese in each night. Just waiting for an evening I get sick of scrolling thorough Instagram.

listening to the rumbling of a train passing outside my office. And the slow, methodical, droning of my pump. Is it nap time yet?

And totally unrelated to any of this, but cute & sweet nonetheless…a photo of the girls…Rylee was super upset because she realized (too late) that she’d left her blanket at school and wouldn’t be able to get it until the next day. Reese heard her crying and was concerned. I’m convinced she was trying to make her sister feel better.


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  1. otandet

    Why do the headcolds hate us?… I'm so excited for our someday-it-WILL-HAPPEN playdate! But more excited for your funner, cooler plans next weekend! So that picture of Reese and Ry is the sweetest. Little Miss Reese who I thought was going to be a carbon copy of your gorgeous older daughter is really getting a look of her own and she's absolutely adorable! What sweet sisters <3 I need to see them (and you) in person!


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