So. Resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Let me just start out by saying that this latest 4 day weekend is exactly what I needed to feel refreshed. A little bit of lazy. A little bit of fun. A little bit of productive. A perfect amount of time spent with my family. It was great.

Now, on to the resolutions.

I’ve never been one to make resolutions. I still don’t know that I’d call them “resolutions”, but whatever. I put some together for Liberating Working Moms a couple of weeks ago and it got me thinking about things other than “working mom” stuff. I guess it all ties together, really. It’s just life. There’s things I can do better. Things I WANT to do better.

So anyway, here’s some of my other “things”…

I want to floss more. Yep, it’s true. I am awful at flossing my teeth…as in, I may do it 2 or 3 times during the week before my dentist appointment. Because clearly I’m fooling them. NOT. Rylee was told at her latest cleaning that she should floss her teeth so Santa brought her some of those little animal shaped flossers in her stocking and now she is all about flossing once a day. Sometimes twice. So, if my 4 year old can do it, why can’t I!?

I need to declutter. My house just overwhelms me sometimes. I feel like we have so.much.stuff. We’ve been talking for a long time about putting up a better shelving system in our laundry room, moving the current shelving we have in there into Ry’s room and the “office” in order to help better organize those spaces. And now, it’s happening. Our house has been more overwhelming that not lately and I’m ready to tackle it.

In a step to declutter, we’re switching everything to paperless billing. Why it’s taken us this long to do so is beyond me. But basically, making this switch will clear up our filing cabinets so we can consolidate and then get rid of the giant desk in the office that we NEVER use. Unless you count stacking up paper bills that need to be filed on it. Seriously, I file our “very important things” maybe twice a year. DUMB. No reason for that.

My theme for the year is simplicity. I want stuff streamlined. I’m sick of stacks of paper all over the place. I’m sick of feeling overwhelmed to the point of just flat out not wanting to do anything. It’s time for a change. Might as well be staring along with a new year, right?

Did you make any resolutions? What are they?

2 thoughts on “So. Resolutions.

  1. Valerie

    What animal flossing things? Rose should be flossing too but it is such a pain to do it with regular floss.

    And I'm just as bad with you on flossing. I keep some at work just so I might remember every few days. :)

    1. Lilmissrysmama Post author

      I actually snagged these at the dollar store! But I've seen "kid ones" at places like Target as well. It's kinda sad when the 4 year old is reminding the adult to floss! Haha!! :)


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