This is how rumors get started…

My sister called me the other day to tell me a funny story.

My sister was talking to a Mary Kay customer of hers (yes, my sis is an MK consultant). This customer of hers is a friend of a friend of an in-law of mine…or something like that. Through their conversation about make-up-y things, they were catching on family life in general.

She asked what Rylee was going to be for Halloween. How old she was now, etc. Normal common ground chit-chat small talk-type stuff.

Then she asked if everything was ok with Andy and me.

My sister, kind of taken aback from this question out of what seemed like nowhere, said, yes of course, why do you ask?

Well, she went on to tell my sister how she was in town recently and went to the new Cosmos store in the mall and could’ve sworn she saw Rylee and me in picutres on the walls. But, it just couldn’t have been us because the man pictured was not Andy. She was confused. And concerned.

And the next time she spoke to her friend, who happens to be my sister-in-law {who, aside from family gatherings we happen to not really talk to} she asked what, if anything, was going on with Andy and I. I guess My sister-in-law just replied with an “I don’t know” sort of answer.

About that point in the conversation my sister laughed, assured her that everything was fine and that dude in the photos was just a model because Andy had to work on the day the photo shoot was scheduled.

Or maybe it was about that point in my sister telling me the story that I busted out laughing at it all…I can’t exactly remember now.

I seriously laugh out loud and just kind of shake my head thinking about it now.

And do think…it was all because of these photos…

I think it just goes to show you…we are very convincing models.

8 thoughts on “This is how rumors get started…

  1. Misty

    Oh geez. LOL

    Of course she was "concerned" enough that she had to ask someone who was not you. If she was so concerned, maybe she should have called YOU instead of talking to someone else about it. People are so weird sometimes.

    1. Lilmissrysmama Post author

      They give me a good laugh, that's for sure! Now I'm just wondering how many other people I know/acquaintances are seeing those photos in the store and wondering the same thing! HA! :)

  2. Kristen

    No need to worry folks, she wasn't being mean or gosiping. The lady behind the counter told her it was a 'family' so she was asking out of concern.

    It was pretty funny.


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