Instant Pot Expedition – Part Two

A few months back I wrote a post about how I was late to the instant pot party and even after getting one for Christmas I had hardly used it so I challenged myself to try one new IP recipe a week. I realize now that I failed to include links to the recipes in that post, so I have since gone back and done that. You’re welcome, Future Kat.

Now, there are things people make in the IP that they SWEAR by – like steamed veggies and rice – but my current way of making both of those things are so simple that I really don’t feel like it warrants a switch to the IP. However, hard boiled egg? Life. Changing. Especially since farm fresh eggs are notorious for being hard to peel because of their freshness.

However, I did want to share another update on some new IP recipes I have tried and whether or not they will be making it into our regular rotation:

  1. Mac-n-Cheese – This was super easy. I thought it was good, but the kids didn’t care for it. I’m guessing because they are SO used to the homemade mac-n-cheese I have been making for years, that that’s what they were expecting. I likely won’t make this recipe as-is again, but I was able to take what I learned from this recipe and tweak my own recipe to simplify the prep of it, so WIN!
  2. One Pot Spaghetti – Much like the penne & meatball recipe I shared in my last post. However, this one I used the italian-spiced turkey sausage that I use when I make “traditional” spaghetti. I loved that it was all in one pot. And that all of said pot can go in the dishwasher! When I made it, the noodles did stick together a bit, but we will for sure have it again!
  3. Frech Dip – I just need to state for the record that all of my kids loved this and it shocked the hell out of me! I’ve already made it twice and the girls have already both asked for it again!
  4. Creamy Lemon Chicken Breasts – This one was an overall “meh” for the family. I think I liked it the most out of all of us. None of us disliked it, but it probably won’t be in our regular rotation.
  5. Fried Rice – Andy & I initially had this one night we when were over at some friends’ house for dinner. He liked it so much, I asked for the recipe. Kids were 50/50 on it. But we will for sure keep it in the rotation. I added asian BBQ style pork I found in my grocery deli section. That was an awesome addition. Next time I will go no peas and I will cook the eggs on the side and then mix them in.

Also worth noting: a few recipes I have pinned and will be trying soon:

  1. Jambalaya – Now, I’m sure this will not be nearly as good as the recipe our friends for Lousiana make for us, but I’m hoping it’s at least a close second.
  2. Breakfast dishes – I don’t know which one I will try first, but that’s one thing I definitely want to!
  3. Roasted Garlic – Andy and I LOVE roasted garlic. This has got to be worth a shot.


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