Three Years. An Interview.

I know I said it when I posted a photo of my sleeping baby toddler kid this morning but I will say it again. How is it possible that this little piece of perfection is 3 years old today. It boggles my mind.

I’ll deal, I’m sure.

Last year I did a 2-year interview. I decided to make it an annual thing. She was not super cooperative this morning, but you get the jest. Sorry about the length. If you watch the whole thing I will reward you.

I promise.

And so, Rylee’s 3 year interview…

Did you make it through the whole thing?


Ok, here’s your reward…

Rylee all ready to go to school this morning! 
And, that may be a piece of chocolate in her hand. What? It’s her birthday...

3 thoughts on “Three Years. An Interview.

  1. Auntie Megan

    So we know that yogurt and toast do not taste good together!! That cracked me up, her face… Aren't kids always so quite when you want them to talk?? I thought she was going to wear her new skirt from Auntie Kelli today for her Birthday?!! Have a great day MOMMY!!!!!! :)

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