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21 Months x3

Every once in a while I crack open my laptop and go through old photos. Last weekend I used my real camera to snap a few pics of the kiddos playing in the sprinkler. When I uploaded them it sent me down a rabbit hole. I did a little math to figure out Lincoln is about 21 months old, then proceeded to search my iphoto for photos of the girls at about that same age. This is what I found…

Rylee – Feb. 2010

Reese – April 2014IMG_6992

Lincoln – July[ish] 2016DSC_0029

Yes, Reese is sitting on the toilet. Turns out that girl did not smile very much when she was that age. That was the best photo I could find that wasn’t her mean-muggin or with a binkie stuffed in her face hole.

I think Reese & Lincoln look SO much alike. I’ve always thought it, but now seeing them at about the same age, it really shows.

I don’t remember Rylee having such CHEEKS. She is so slender now, it’s hard to remember 6 years ago. Also… SIX years ago!? Holy moly.

I definitely think all the kiddos have the same nose in these photos.

I wish I had a photo in here on Lincoln without a hat on, because it’s so funny to me how I have 3 kiddos that all look so similar but all have very different hair colors… and how it’s been like that since the day they were born. Rylee with the red hair, Reese with the light brown/dirty blond, and Lincoln is a total toe head.

I also wish the photo of Lincoln wasn’t quite so dark. But fixing that would take time and well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I can’t wait to do this again in the future. I love how much my siblings and I all look alike. In all honesty, it makes me feel more connected to them and I’ve always hoped my kiddos share that too.

Reese Said What!? – Boss Lady Edition

Overall, working from home has been, and is, amazing. It’s perfect for where our family is in life right now. The kids all still go to daycare during the week, but on Fridays (and in summer) they’re home with Andy. That usually means I’m working from my office set-up with the door shut. The kids are pretty good about leaving me alone.

But without fail, every single time I come out of the room, whether it’s to get more coffee, pour a glass of water, grab a snack, etc. this conversations happens:

Me: ::opens door, walks through living room::
Reese: “Mom!?”
Me: “Yes, Reese?”
Reese: “Are you done working for the week?”
Me: “No Reese, not yet.”
Reese: “Oh… well then why are you out here?”

We may need to work on her interpersonal skills a bit, but her management skills will be on point!

Fashion Police Friday – Regular Day Edition

Reese is super into skirts and dresses. I remember Rylee going through this stage around the same age too. But Reese is also obsessed with long sleeve shirts… as in, that’s all she ever wants to wear. Even when it’s WAY too hot for them.

Anyway, this particular day was nothing special. Just a regular day. We didn’t have plans to go anywhere. But she insisted on wearing a skirt. Ok then, kid. Go for it.

I think the bunny socks really help pull the outfit together… don’t you?


And one of both girls… for good measure.

Reese Said What? – Bath Time Edition

Scene: Standing next to the bathtub, waiting for the water to warm up so she can take a bath.

Reese: ::while holding up her arm:: “Mom, you want to smell my armpit?”
Me: “Nope”
Reese: ::Tries to smell it herself::
Me: “How does it smell?”
Reese: “Pretty good.” ::pauses…:: “want to smell it now?”
Me: “No thank you”
Reese: “Well, how about my elbow then. You want to smell that?”

Fashion Police Friday – 5.13.16

Oh my sweet, sweet Reesie Bug!

You guys remember that little weekly installment I used to do called “Friday Fashion Police” where I would highlight one of Rylee’s AWESOME outfits from the week? Well my friends, Reese is prime age for picking out her own outfits and figuring out her unique style. I hadn’t been taking photos of it, when my best friend told me I should blog it like I used to do with Rylee. Can you keep a secret? I had nearly forgotten that I use to do that! So anyway, you all can thank Julia for the revival of this!

On this particular day, Reese had been wearing jeans with that sweet little butterfly shirt. But when she decided to tag along with Andy on a few errands, I told her she needed to change out of her jeans because it was too hot out. So she came out of her room in this fantastic ensemble. And she was SO proud of herself.

She is nearly 4 and SO much fun right now. She’s funny, witty as hell, loves to be a helper and when you say, “though she be but little…” she yells back, “I AM FIERCE!”

This child is perfection.

And as a true second born sibling, y’all may remember this skirt from about 5 years ago… seriously… where does time go!?