Reese Said What!? – Boss Lady Edition

Overall, working from home has been, and is, amazing. It’s perfect for where our family is in life right now. The kids all still go to daycare during the week, but on Fridays (and in summer) they’re home with Andy. That usually means I’m working from my office set-up with the door shut. The kids are pretty good about leaving me alone.

But without fail, every single time I come out of the room, whether it’s to get more coffee, pour a glass of water, grab a snack, etc. this conversations happens:

Me: ::opens door, walks through living room::
Reese: “Mom!?”
Me: “Yes, Reese?”
Reese: “Are you done working for the week?”
Me: “No Reese, not yet.”
Reese: “Oh… well then why are you out here?”

We may need to work on her interpersonal skills a bit, but her management skills will be on point!

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