Fashion Police Friday – Country Girl Edition

You guys…I have 3 {yes THREE!} weeks worth of FPF to choose from today! You’re all in for a treat for the rest of this month!

First of all, I apologize because these photos are actually horrible but someone was not being very helpful in the stand-still-so-I-can-get-a-decent-photo-of-you department.

Gotta love three year olds!

This outfit cracks me up. She decided out of the blue that this Saturday would be a great day to wear her Carhartt coveralls.

You know, very practical for the things we had on our to-do list that day like grocery shopping.

Coveralls: Carhartt {because duh, every country girl needs a pair of Carhartts!}
Grey flowered ruffly sleeved shirt: Old Navy
At least she did get to help Andy on the tractor for as long as her attention span would allow. {10 minutes in case you were wondering}
I would also like to take a moment to note two things: 
1. Look how clean my house looks! (that was the day after our carpets were cleaned) and 
2. Yes, I am letting my kid “play” with a Swiffer duster! 
me = genius! 
Happy Friday Friends!

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