Fashion Police Friday – July 15, 2011

Oh friends, I do love Summer. Of course for the SUN actually gracing us with its presence and the fresh veggies and all that jazz. But I also love Summer because it means there’s typically good “fashion police” material!

Earlier this week it rained. Wha?? In Oregon? In July? Whatever. I was actually kind of happy because it meant I didn’t have to water my garden.


When I came home from work that night I found this awesome ensemble on the monster.

When I asked her who picked out her clothes she puffed out her chest and proudly declared “ME!”.

When I asked her if I could take a picture because I thought it was so awesome she replied, “Sure! If you want to.”

Blue/White Stripy Sailor Dress: Old Navy
Grey Sweats w/ pink & purple hearts/other shapes: Hanes
Various bracelets: gifts from grandma
Shoes: I believe she wore her pink plaid fake cons.
Clearly she didn’t want the rain to stop her from wearing a dress. 
I love this kid.

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