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Hey Strangers! It’s me, Katherine…you know, the one that keeps up this blog. I clearly threw that whole NaBloPoMo thing out the window…roughly 6 days ago. Oh well. It’s amazing how easily blogging can take over your life. Invade your thoughts and yes, even your dreams. It’s also, as equally amazing how easy it was for me just to turn it all off. For four glorious days I only opened up my laptop twice. And neither was for anything remotely blogging and/or social media related.

So what the heck have I been up to these last 6 days? How was my Thanksgiving?

My long weekend was both jam-packed yet completely relaxing.

Our Thanksgiving was unlike any Thanksgiving I have ever had. It was so quiet. Some of my longtime readers may remember the gathering of my “entire family”. This year, for one reason or another, all the families were not coordinating. And to be honest, we were more than ok with it. We ended up going to my in-laws for breakfast then headed back home. For the rest of the day it was just Andy, Rylee, me and my dad and my younger brother. I made a full on spread. We played games. We ate. We ate some more. It was really, really nice. And completely uneventful.

Friday morning I got my haircut. And, knowing that I’d have cute hair, we also snapped some family pictures before lunch. The afternoon consisted of me editing said photos. And napping. And of course, nothing is better than Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner. So easy.

Look, I got bangs!

Saturday was our states big college football rivalry, the Civil War game. My sister is a die hard beaver fan & alum. Her fiance? A die hard duck fan. So naturally, they came down from Portland and went to the game. Her fiance’s sister & brother in law also came down (or up, since they’re from Nevada?) with their 2 girls. I babysat the girls while they all went to the game. I didn’t know quite what to expect considering I had never met them before, but it went well. Rylee and the girls got along great and it was really nice getting to meet some of the “extended family”. We wrapped up the day with pizza for dinner and my sister & soon-to-be-brother-in-law stayed with us that night and we were all in bed before 9:30 PM. {we are such party animals}

Sunday we carried on our standing six-year tradition of wreath making with my mom and younger siblings. Rylee got to participate this year too. She mostly just had fun running around outside while we worked, but she and Andy worked together to make her very first swag. They brought it to me and Rylee & I wired it up and put a bow on it, then Ry wanted to hang it on her play structure. Pretty much the cutest thing ever. Everyone was gone by 1:30 and we wrapped up the long weekend quietly as a family of three.

Oh, hello Christmas Spirit!

Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine & rainbows…we found out that our rental house has a leak in the roof and the brand new flooring that Andy installed in July is pretty much well ruined. He spent a lot of time on the roof located and fixing {fingers crossed} said leak. And, Sunday while we were wreath making, Andy & my dad were off to cut firewood, only to return home an hour later because our suburban broke down on the way there and they barely made it home.

But, you know what? I’m going to go ahead and focus on all the greatness from the weekend and worry about our mechanic’s bill later.

Oh and because I know you’re all dying to get a little sneak peek at a family photo…

So, now that I’m back…how was your long weekend!?

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  1. Karey

    *LOVE*! And that family photo is gorgeous! (Love the scarf tying, by the way. Pinterest? I learned and wore mine like that for Thanksgiving and then had a tutorial after dinner teaching everyone there how to do it – you know, because I'm awesome like that.) Anyway, love the picture – it's perfect!


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