It’s FriYAY! – Bye, Bye Summer Edition

Ok so let’s see here. Last I left off on this FriYay thing it was early July. I had a good run. Basically? We were too busy have fun all summer. We had an awesome summer, with some really great adventures and a lot of family time. We hit the coast for a few days, went camping for the first time as a family of 5, I took the kiddos to do karaoke with my mom a couple of time, and we even packed up the family and road-tripped to Wyoming for a long weekend. I had a couple of solo trips in there as well… I did my annual Thread weekend in July and then I had to go to Texas in August for a show. See? Go, go go! I hope to get some photos loaded up from all of our summer fun over the next few weeks. But no promises.

The beginning of a new school year is always a little rough. Andy works super long hours and comes home exhausted (and in pain). The kids all come home from school exhausted and kind of grumpy. I’ve been making the joke that Reese has been riding the struggle bus lately. But I relish in the routine. And the silence!

Awesome things from this week…

1. Rylee’s first day of school!

2 I kicked off another fitness challenge. I spent the whole summer being super lazy about working out. So now that all the kiddos are back to their routine, so am I.

3. Andy and I spent Monday out at his school working to clean up his shop class to get it ready for students. It’s so fun getting to spend one-on-one time with him.

4. Definitely ended this work week on a high note. We got a huge mailing out and I had some really promising calls about some media packages for 2017. I love it when things start falling together!

5. Last weekend we went to a wedding. We left before the dancing started, much to Reese’s dismay. But we rallied by stopping for DQ on our way home. Man, my family cleans up nice!

6. Lincoln was acting tired earlier today and was just sitting at my feet while I was working. I asked if he wanted to sit with me so he climbed up in my lap. Then fell asleep! I honestly don’t know the last time that happened.

Photos from the week…


Lincoln is obsessed with pockets.

Wedding reception shenanigans with my girls.

I get all sorts of heart eyes when I look at this one. She looks like such a little lady.

And then there’s this girl. Her spunk and sense of humor are the literal BEST.

He still puts up with me for now. :)

Lap Nap! Also rocking a sa-weet necklace Reese made for me at school yesterday.

Things I’m looking forward to next week…

1. Rylee starts soccer!

2. My sister, K1, and I are going to an OSU football game with our dad!

3. Tomorrow we’re going to our little town’s fall harvest festival. Should be fun!


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