It’s FriYay! On a Saturday.

This is why I shouldn’t commit to things! Already dropping the ball on week 2. If I cared more, I might be disappointed in myself. But as the reigning champ of world’s okayest mom, I’m mostly just…


Anyway. Moving on! This last week was pretty great…

1. It was family filled! Shopping with K2 on Saturday. Grandad came over for a BBQ on Sunday night. I had dinner with K1 and fam on Wednesday. Huncle came over for dinner last night.

2. Rylee’s team played their last regular season game. They’re heading into next weekend’s tournament undefeated!

3. My June fitness challenge is going great so far! I worked out Monday through Thursday and took yesterday as a rest day.

4. We celebrated National Donut Day! A day late but remember that whole bit about world’s okayest mom?

5. I wrapped up my last day of work on Wednesday and had Thursday and Friday off. I went out to Andy’s school on Thursday to help him pack up his office for the summer.

And now for a couple of photos…I didn’t take many this week.

Packing for Texas… Darn it! My gun holster doesn’t match my outfit! 

National Donut Day is delicious!

Next week I’m looking forward to…

1. My trip to Texas to start my new job!!

2. Coming home from Texas and back to my fam!

3. Rylee’s tournament!

4. Week 2 of the fit challenge!

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