Wouldn’t change a thing. Love 12 years later.

{Note: I just found this in my drafts folder… from more than 2 years ago. So, why not just his publish, right?}

At this point I’m not even sure how the conversation came about, but Saturday morning Andy was telling me about a conversation he and some coworkers were having about regrets they had/things in their past they’d change.

One coworker had made reference to traveling more. Another made reference to choosing a different major in college, or something along those lines.

My ears perked up…I was curious to hear what he’d said.

“I told them that the only things I wish would have been different would have been related to my sports injuries. If I hadn’t hurt my knee, I would have gone on to play college baseball. Then I told them that I’m glad it never happened because everything that happened then led me to where I am today. With you. And the girls. And I wouldn’t change that for anything.”

I laughed and said “I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.”

He laughed too telling me that was pretty much what his coworkers said too.

Then I smiled.

I couldn’t help but smile.

For one, because, duh, I have an insanely sweet husband.

But two, because just one week earlier, while spending the weekend in Arizona with my girlfriends, we had that same conversation about regrets and things we’d change and I said almost the exact same thing Andy did.

{minus the sports thing, because me and sports? Well that’s just laughable.}

We started dating a couple of weeks before my freshman year of college. I knew within weeks that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. We became engaged just before i started my senior year of college and were married months after my graduation. Because of that I never studied abroad or did some of the traveling I watched my oldest sister do while she was in college. Looking back do I think that would have been a cool thing to do? Sure. But some memories of a few months spent overseas doesn’t even compare to the life I’m living today.

And that concludes my mushy quota for the day the month the quarter for a while.

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