Pregnancy with a side of irritability

I’ve noticed something throughout this pregnancy that’s markedly different than my previous two. I’m kind of a grumpy bitch. I’m pretty sure others have taken notice as well. For the most part, I do try and keep a sense of humor about things but sometimes that doesn’t always work out. After examining this further, I’ve found certain things that set me off and being the nice, helpful lady I am, I’m sharing it here with you.

  • I’m Hungry. I eat. A lot. When I don’t? I straight turn into Rosanne Barr in that Snickers commercial…pretty much a grumpy, whiney bitch. Is dinner planned for 6:30? I’m planning on eating at 6:30…6:45 may be pushing it, but I’ll still likely be fine. 7 PM? Nope. Too far gone. Quick, give me a granola bar or a string cheese or something.
  • I’m hot. It’s summer time. Temperatures are rising. There is nothing worse than boob sweat. And butt sweat. And thigh sweat. And back sweat. I think you get the idea here. I’m doing my best to stay hydrated/wear breathable clothing but sometimes that just isn’t enough. If I’m hot? I’m not particularly happy.
  • I’m exhausted. What time did you wake up this morning? Me? I was up at 5:20 am. Just like every other weekday. Weekends? If I get to sleep until 6 AM I consider it sleeping in. And that pre-6 AM wake up is AFTER waking up a number of times throughout the night for various reasons. For example, just the other night I was up…2 times to pee, 1 time with Reese, 2 times with Rylee because of an itchy bug bite then again because of a bad dream, then throw in another 2-3 times for uncomfortable tossing and turning courtesy of a growing belly that keeps getting in the way. This is after a full day of work and household chores and chasing kids and waking up at 5:30 am. And so the cycle goes…
  • My kids are ganging up on me. Most of the time, my kids are pretty awesome. They are very well behaved but every so often? notsomuch. Ry decides to turn on the sass. Um, excuse me? Did you just roll your eyes at me? Aw hell noReese if I you tell me one.more.time. that you have to go potty and I take you to the disgusting, stinky port-potty and you don’t go? I’m gonna lose it. RYLEE HOW ANY TIMES DO I NEED TO TELL YOU TO GET DRESSED!? Then of course let’s not forget Reese is almost two. So there’s that.
  • I’m out of my element. Consider where I am and who I am with. Out in the woods near a campfire and/or rushing body of water trying to keep my kids from dying? At a TBall game trying to watch one kid play while keeping the other kid entertained yet not annoying this shit out of everyone around us? At a busy park making sure my kids don’t face plant off a high slide or throw sand in another kid’s face? At church trying to keep kids quiet? Basically, anything other than being at home, work, or the grocery store and I am considering it out of my element. Times all of that by a billion if I’m doing it solo without my husband.
  • I’m sick of all the noise. My kid shaking a pasta box once or twice and thinking it’s funny? Ok, fine. 3-5 times? Pushing it. 5+ times? JUST GIVE ME THE EVER LOVING BOX ALREADY! Any kind of repetitive noise? Nope. I’m done. Music? Sure…as long as it’s music I like, but even then by about 7:30 at night I’m over it. Turn it off. Constant white noise of a fan? If you must. {The one exception? Giggles. Genuine little kid giggles are always ok.}
  • People are questioning my state of mind. Is Katherine ok? She seems irritable. OF COURSE I’M OK! Keep asking and the answer will quickly be no. Back up off me. And if you even think about telling me to “enjoy every moment”? I will lose it. Guaranteed.

Look, I’m 26 weeks pregnant. I’m chasing two other kids around. I automatically start at a higher level of irritability than most people just because of those two things. So…if I seem irritable? It’s probably because I am! And said irritability correlates directly with the number of irritants that are in play. The more irritants? The more red-faced, short tempered I get. And it can go from zero to raging in about two seconds. Overall my patience level starts at a negative number most days.

Maybe this whole post got a little ranty, but guess who doesn’t actually care? This girl.

So if you see me, or any other pregnant lady for that matter, seem a little “off” on the 4th of July, yes…chances are we’re probably irritable because we’re hot, hungry, tired and trying to keep our kids from blowing their faces off with fireworks. Whatever you do…do NOT ask us if everything is “ok”.

You’ve been warned.

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy with a side of irritability

  1. juli

    Amen girlfriend!! You have every right to feel the way you do. I echo everything you said it was just 15 years ago. It's normal!! I was 32 weeks pregnant on the 4th of July with 2 of mine. Try to get an hour to yourself. It's more important then you think. 3 kids is hard!!!

  2. Erin

    Girl, I am right there with you – it's almost comical. I think it just comes with the territory being pregnant with #3!! Working and dealing with two kids and being pregnant is all grounds for being a grump. Even though I love being pregnant and am so very thankful for this baby, I am NOT my best self right now. My poor husband, seriously. But oh well, it's temporary!!!

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  4. suzi

    Thank you so much for share you with us, katherine. I gain some knowledge form this side. I didn't idea about pregnancy because i am newly married. Bye the this post is very amazing.


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