A 21 month update

Is that a thing? Eh whatever, considering my lack of consistent blogging these days I’ll go ahead and make it a thing.

Reese, you turned 21 months last weekend. You have been changing and growing so much recently that I wanted to take a minute to document it before I forget it.

Food: You still love your groceries. You are super into chips and salsa. Yes…real-deal salsa. Nothing seems to phase you when it comes to food. Sure there are some things you don’t like, but for the most part you will eat whatever is put in front of you. It really helps getting your sister to be less picky too, so thanks for that!

Movement: Oh child, sometimes it seems like you never.stop.moving. You always want to be picked up. You still have a thing for ears. You climb, run and try to follow your sister no matter where she goes.

Potty Training: Believe me, I never imagined I’d be writing anything about your potty training on the interwebs, let alone before you turn two but you are blowing my mind, kid! I’m not saying you are potty trained, but you’re wearing chonies off and on and you’re doing an awesome job using the toilet more than your diaper. I definitely wanted you potty trained before number three makes their debut, but I had no idea you’d show an interest so soon! It’s both great and a challenge but you are pretty much rocking it for your age and I am so proud of you!

Talking: You are talking more and more every day. You can be quite the little parrot, which is often hilarious. You’re saying sentences. No surprise, one of your first sentences was “I HUNGRY!”. 9 out of 10 times during any given meal time out of nowhere you will loudly proclaim “I HAPPY!” One of your favorite conversations to have right now goes like this “Mama. Mama! MAMA!” “Yes Reesie?” “Ummmmm….um. Um. Um.” Then you laugh hysterically. It’s hilarious and annoying all at once.

Dante: Just like your sister did at this age, you love your Dante. You love to greet him when we get home each night. You squat down and get right at his level when he’s lying down and make sure to say “Hi…hi Buddy!” while patting him on his head. When we leave in the morning you are first out the door, making sure to tell him “SIT!” while pointing at the ground then giving him his treat and declaring “good boy.”

Other things you love: {brought to you by the letter B apparently} Bubbles. The Easter Bunny may have brought you that bubble machine just so mama wouldn’t have to blow so many bubbles. Books. You can often be found looking at books. You love to have books read to you. Binkie. You are nowhere near ready to get rid of your binkie…much to my dismay. Baby. You’re all sorts of interested in your sisters baby doll these days. You pretend to feed it. You put it in the basket of your shopping cart, cover it with a blanket and take it for a walk. You rock it. You lay it on the floor and yell “Nigh-nigh baby!” Your daycare teacher just had a baby, so I’m assuming that’s where this interest is coming from.

You continue to amaze me, kiddo. You have an infectious joy and a spunky little attitude. You are fierce. I know I say it all the time, but I hope you never change.






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